Happy 2018 Everyone,

I think it’s fair to say 2017 was a tough year for all of us on many levels. I wish I could confidently say that 2018 is going to turn everything around for our world but my gut instinct says it’s going to continue to be challenging as a whole. The good news is that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. So have no fear, a turn-around is near.  You can be part of that change by recognizing who and what you really are. A soul being a human, not a human being a soul. And what that means is you are not at the mercy of your thoughts, you are your thoughts. You make every decision and you take every consequence and circumstance that comes your way and handle it through the power of your thoughts. The trick here is to choose the highest, best thought and not let fear enter your mind. Fear is the stopping point for all manifestations of joy, abundance and love. In order to wipe away fear it’s up to us to practice stillness through quiet meditation or other calming modalities such as yoga, running or intense breathing. The other way is to set powerful intentions for the new year to guide your soul towards your most passionate desires. They are a form on prayer and yet they are slightly different.

“It is a tool. Think of it like a Sharpie, a permanent marker indicating what you wish to create in a clear, defined, nonerasable way.” This is the way God (Source, The Universe) explains intentions in my new book The All of Everything.

Intentions can be both generic or specific. I think we all want to experience more happiness in our lives. This would be a generic intention. If you want to be more specific that is fine too. If you are hoping to buy a specific car, purchase a particular home or take a luxury vacation to Europe those would be specific intentions. An example of specific intention would be, “My intention is to find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood filled with kind and caring neighbors, lots of young children and on a great tree lined street.” Or “My intention is to find a dream job which pays me well and serves my passion for art, music, theater (or whatever your passion is).”

To kick off 2018, I am going to write some powerful intentions and keep them more generic so we all can benefit. Feel free to write them down in a journal for yourself and add your own. Then put them in a drawer and don’t bring them out until 2019 and see how many came true.

  1. My intention is to keep moving towards full enlightenment.
  2. My intention is to create the space for more joy, love and abundance to makes its way into my life.
  3. My intention is move out of a space of fear as it relates to our current world leaders and know that change is coming for all of us.
  4. My intention is to practice kindness towards all others through acts of charity and acts of love.
  5. My intention is to keep moving forward in pursuit of my healthy weight goals and to choose foods which honor my body temple and core bodily functions.
  6. My intention is to choose to honor my body temple by exercising and fueling it with proper nutrition.
  7. My intention is to release the heavy burdens brought upon by 2017, I choose to release the past and live fully in the present moment of now.
  8. My intention is to find a life partner (or keep a life partner) by practicing daily acts of love and kindness towards myself and others including my life partner (if you have one already).
  9. My intention is to honor my commitment to the earth by cherishing it and all its precious resources.
  10. My intention is to walk forth in the knowing that I am guided by an unseen force which walks with me wherever I go. For I am never alone in the loving arms of the universe.

Great news! My book right now is set to launch sometime in the next week. The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination from Savvah Media will be available for purchase as an ebook or print edition on retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Welcome to my new website.  I am so excited to share my gifts with the world – helping people live happier, more enriched lives!