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I just finished up a 10 day sugar detox. This one was hard core. No sugar in any form was allowed even natural sugars from fruit. I am a super healthy eater usually but when the holidays hit, all bets are off. I know you can relate. So, the point was to cleanse my body of toxins and reduce the cravings that lead to indulging in sugary treats like I did last month. It worked like a charm and I am back on track with the clean eating.

I also find that during the holidays my energy is zapped from too many parties, all that holiday shopping and spending, missing my family (who have crossed over and can’t be with us physically) and the daily deluge of sad stories on the internet.

So this year I have decided for the first time to do a 10 Day Thoughts Detox. This will be ten days of breaking down some of our daily thought patterns and replacing them with new affirmations and intentions.  Each night you will get an email in your inbox with your daily assignments which will be easy and quick and include exercises in mindfulness. In that 10 day period you will learn to watch your thoughts so that you are living more consciously. You will learn the cyclical patterns keeping you stuck in stress, anxiety and/or low self esteem.

Using the principles taught to me in my new book, The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination, we will work on things like self/body image, love and romance, relationships, diet and fitness and that all important one, money.

If you are ready to start a new chapter in your life sign up for my newsletter. The 10 Day Thoughts Detox starts January 29th, 2018.



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