Less Doing, More Being

Ever since my book was finished I have been working my tail bone off getting it published and promoting it. I have also found myself dealing with psoriasis flare ups like I have never had before. My body was in stress mode; which is exactly what autoimmune diseases thrive on. I was doing too much because I am a doer. I have always been a doer. In fact, most of us are doers. I was ignoring the advice given in my new book, The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination.  I was letting my outer world dominate me.


Deadlines, phones calls, emails, meetings, social media distractions. This what my life has been made up of for the last few months. Even as a spiritual teacher we can sometimes get caught up in our doing because we love what we do. We love sharing and spreading the message but in that we forget the whole point of our message. The good news is that Spirit is always paying attention to what we are doing and sending us little subtle and not so subtle hints. So it was no surprise that during my shower the other morning Spirit had a little message for me, “Less doing, more being.” I heard the words loud and clear and knew it was absolutely a message for me.  Just in case I decided to overlook that message, the Universe sent me a real doozy along with it – my toilet overflowed in my bathroom! Needless to say I was not happy about this little inconvenience until an inspired thought came through to me about the larger message for me – Unclog your thinking. That was the message in my mess. I was so hung up on what I needed to do, I forget I needed to be.


What does being mean? It means to slow down and to contemplate your connection to the Universe (Source, God or whatever you call it). It means knowing you are guided by an unseen force at all times. So we have no need to act as if we can’t be the things we say we desire to be. When we are doing from a place of thinking we are solely in charge – we go into fear mode. When we are doing from a place of knowing we are being guided and are souly in charge (see the difference there) – we do it from a place of love. Our doing becomes action steps. This takes away the stress of “will this work for me.” and replaces it with “this will work for me as long as I believe it will.”


Rather than ignore my messages, I took them to heart. I gave back the reins to my cocreators. I put the computer away, I turned off social media and I made time to just be. I sat in meditation, I read a great book and I spent the weekend giving full attention to my son. We played, we went to see a movie, we got in some quality snuggle time.  Once I stopped doing and started being my skin issues began to tame, my stress levels depleted and an unexpected work opportunity flowed my way.

For more on the notion of BEING be sure and check out my new book, The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination. It’s a step towards ultimate self realization and the understanding that we are all the all of everything.  Buy it HERE. 

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