The One Question To Ask Yourself Every Day To Curb Anxiety

What’s the one question to ask yourself everyday that just might change your life?

“Where am I holding onto fear?”

It’s a simple question meant to reveal what’s lurking beneath the surface of our minds causing all sorts of trouble and anxiety for us we might not even recognize. The question comes from what I like to call my spiritual guide book, The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination which states, “Subconscious thoughts are the demons of the minds. They stay hidden, eating away at you from inside. Conscious beliefs are the roots of our souls. They need to be watered and fed and tended to consistently.”

Think of it like brushing your teeth. In order to have a perfect smile you must consistently have good oral hygiene. What happens when you don’t brush and floss? You get plaque, tarter, cavities or worse (root canal, anyone?). In order to maintain a healthy body-mind-soul you must consistently have good mindfulness hygiene. What happens when you don’t clear out the subconscious thoughts? You get stress, anxiety and all kinds of illnesses.

What sort of fears are living beneath the surface that need to be uncovered? These are things like unworthiness, financial insecurity, job related crises, self esteem issues or jealousies, resentments, bitterness towards someone else. Anything that is holding you back from living a happy, abundant life is a fear, a fear (or doubt or worry) that needs to be healed and assailed every single day.

I tend to my subconscious thoughts by using a mindfulness routine everyday by asking that question and then following up with a second question (also from my book).

“How may I release the fears?”

I then write in a journal and work towards releasing those pesky subconscious thoughts by writing them down and then letting the universe do the heavy lifting of letting go of thoughts and ideas that no longer serve me. If you have ever heard the term ‘cocreation’ this is what it means. I recognize the power both outside of me and inside of me to relinquish inner demons and replace them with conscious thoughts like I am worthy. I am financially secure. Work is easy and effortless. I forgive all who have harmed my psyche etc…

And it works, truly, if you are consistent. My head is less cloudy and filled with garbage thoughts which leads to more time for myself, my family and less time to stress out. However, if I do not take the time or forget my daily inner work, within a day or two I go right back to fear, doubt and worry.

Be Consistent

Remember that old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Throw it out. It’s outdated and tired.  The one below from my book has a much more accurate and mindful approach.

“Exercise, eat right and get right spiritually each and everyday, and my goodness, what a magnificent life you would all lead.”









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