20 Things That Happen During the Spiritual Awakening Process


Whether you know it or not (or believe it) you are a spiritual being having a human experience. The soul that lives inside of you is ultimately the caretaker of your body and the thoughts you think together as body/mind/soul are creating the life you see. If you told me this four years ago, I might have looked at you like you had ten heads. If you told me this three years ago, I may have understood the part about having a soul but nothing else. If you told me this two years ago, I would have agreed with you but still been skeptical. If you told me this today, I would know what you meant 100 percent.

Though I have been studying spiritual principles from other teachers like Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Esther Hicks for the last 3 plus years it wasn’t until I wrote my own books (as a rapid inner dictation) The All of Everything, The All of the All and The All That Is that I truly recognized the truth. The student became the teacher.

Finding that truth is the journey every single one of us are on – to recognize ourselves as One or Love.

Everyone is in various stages of learning (or remembering), even healers and shamans. You’ll notice that spiritual teachers throughout our human history all say versions of the same thing. This is not because we are copying or plagiarizing each other, but because we are all learning from the same great master – God/Source/Universe/Divine Mind or whatever term works best for you. Nowadays my term for it would be The All. We all know the same information inside of us because we all come from and are the same. We are one giant energy split into souls both collectively and individually.

As my book The All of the All teaches –

There is a power outside of you, but also there is the power inside. They are one and the same.” 

What trips us up in the knowing of this cocreative power is what I’ve been told to call “amnesia of the soul.” This has been chosen by you (as a soul) in this lifetime. You have to relearn everything you forgot from the spiritual realm as you go about your daily life. Each of us as souls has remembered various pieces of the puzzle thus far. Just know that wherever you are in the journey is purposeful as a means to grow and evolve your soul to the next stage of enlightenment. This is a topic heavily covered in The All That Is. 

Now if you have read this far and all of this sounds like complete BS to you, just know you are exactly where you are meant to be. It’s not meant to resonate with you… just yet. However, the very fact that you are reading this tells me you are at least half way up the ladder of soul growth and perhaps some of this does make sense to you. As we move up this ladder of realization our vibrational frequency changes and we are able to tune in more to our soul. I’m close enough to the top of my ladder that I have been able to channel my higher self/collective soul very easily now.

As you move further up the ladder you will notice certain changes in your attitude toward life and your daily habits.

Certain things will fall away while others become more important. Below are the main events which have occurred in my life over the last few years. Some may be happening to you already. Some will begin to develop over time. Some you may not ever get to experience because you are not meant to in this lifetime, as I said above. The soul knows what is the best path for you and will give you a journey most appropriate to your needs.

Check out this list and see what fits –

  1. Your taste in food changes as you begin to choose high vibration life affirming foods over processed junk food. Plants become more intriguing as your main source of food. You may find yourself becoming (or at least trying) a vegan.
  2. You begin to become aware of signs and messages. Numbers like 44 or 22 (angel numbers) show up all the time. Song lyrics have special meaning in the moment you hear them. Animals show up randomly in your life as messengers and you are guided to figure out their meaning.
  3. You stop watching TV shows, movies or digital content with violent images or oppression in them.
  4. You rely less upon social media for entertainment and spend time with yourself instead.
  5. A strong sense of purpose comes over you that you have something important to say or do for others.
  6. Possessions become less important and experiences more important.
  7. Books or online courses present themselves to you from spiritual masters.
  8. You begin to shun alcohol or narcotics and recognize how they lower your energetic vibration.
  9. You begin to hear the voice of Spirit in your head. It’s always been there you just didn’t know it was you too (aka the soul).
  10. You notice the mind/body connection more and more. So when something is wrong you look at your inner thought processes before (or along with) calling a doctor.
  11. Your soul chosen gift is unlocked – clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience etc..
  12. You become more in tune with nature and want to get outside as much as possible or be closer to forests or oceans.
  13. You stop caring what other people think about you and care more about what you think about you.
  14. As your vibrational frequency changes friendships and relationships change. Some go away, some get better.
  15. You start to pay full attention to your thought processes and learn to change them more quickly.
  16. You learn why things happen and begin to understand how our world works and why its perfectly imperfect as it is.
  17. You recognize everything that happens to you as lesson with growth potential.
  18. You gravitate towards quiet time – meditation or yoga become part of your daily routine.
  19. You start living life fearlessly.
  20. You believe that we are cocreators and turn inward as much as possible.

Wherever you are on the ladder just know you are on purpose right where you are.

These have been my experiences but I am confident there are many more and yours may be different than mine. Forgiveness has been a main part of my journey. I didn’t put it on the list because it’s one issue I am still working on cleansing along with patience. I would say I am more patient now but get tripped up by this still. What have you been experiencing? Drop me a comment in my private Facebook group HERE.

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Laura Saltman is a self-help Author, Intuitive, Inner Guidance Coach and TV Host. Her new age/new thought book series The All of EverythingThe All of the All and The All That Is are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her next book Wisdom of The All will be in stores in 2020.