Soulful Not So Full

I keep telling people that my to do list is about three pages long of all the things I can be doing as an author – marketing, promotions, PR reach out, video content, webinars etc… I mean the list truly is endless but the message came through loud and clear today as I was busy working on Final Cut Pro editing a new video for Well World TV, the new video platform I am a part of as both host and creative director.

Soulful not So Full.

That was a phrase my best friend and I came up with today. You see the phone rang and she was interrupting my hustle. I was tackling my to do list and she was the second phone call disrupting my day. Rather than ignore the phone ringing, I picked it up both times and chatted with my two besties. Everyone else I probably would have ignored (like the deluge of real estate agents who won’t leave me alone) but I always make time for these two. I knew the Universe was sending me a signal to slow down because literally every time I have a free day to really grind through the to do list, something comes up offering me a chance to slow down.

Later on, after I finished the video, I decided to take a short break and take a long, hot, shower and like any good high consciousness person will tell you (even Oprah) the shower is the best place for these “divine downloads” I get. I kept hearing the words “hustle and flow” and didn’t exactly know why. But once I took to my computer the words came flowing out for today’s Wisdom of the All message. These are daily messages I post on social media and in my newsletter that are all about our journey towards enlightenment.

Hustle. Flow. Hustle. Flow. On and on this dance goes for so many of you. First you listen, then you question. You believe and then you don’t. You honor the soul and then are controlled by an ego. It is an exhaustive process and yet you still stay stuck. Every dance has to end sometime. Will you allow it to or will you keep going after the very thing you so desperately want to create? Just know the flow is what brings the “river” to you and the hustle is a grand dance that throws you off course. – Wisdom of The All 

How does a river move? It flows. It brings things to you. If you floated a toy boat in the water it would eventually just come right to you. It wouldn’t need a string, or a tug or even a push. It would just arrive. On the flip side, when we hustle we are in such a spastic energy the very thing we wish to create can’t get through so easily. So it takes a lot longer and a lot more effort to bring it to us.

What I know for sure having written three books on universal laws and principles (The All of Everything, The All of the All, The All That Is) straight from the Source, our very acceptance of these laws allows the flow to open. It doesn’t make the journey of life less exciting to trust our guidance and the very power which makes the world flow, it makes it easier. It seems counterproductive to hustle less and flow more but the very essence of beingness is to do just that. To let go so we can allow the goodness to arrive.

So take that time to “just be” as I would call it. Meditate. Relax. Watch a funny show. Get a massage. Talk to friends. Just do something which brings you joy and forget about the to do list. Work on the “to be” one instead.  In your beingness is where the information on what actions to take will begin to form. When you follow those intuitive ideas, that’s where the magic happens. And the truth of the universe is you really don’t have to do very much because the very desire means it’s already been created (from a spiritual perspective) and all we have to do is allow it into our lives. And how do we do that? Less hustle. More flow. Be soulful, not so full in your days.


Laura Saltman is a self-help Author, Intuitive, Inner Guidance Coach and TV Host. Her new age/new thought book series The All of Everything, The All of the All and The All That Is are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her next book Wisdom of The All will be in stores in 2020.  Sign up for the daily Wisdom of The All newsletter below and be sure and follow @wisdomoftheall on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.