Powerful Questions To Ask Your Soul Before Posting on Social Media

As an intuitive channel, I have a direct line to the higher self, the part of each of us that comes from Source. In my next book, “Wisdom of The All, a Step by Step Guide into Love,” I have received an entire chapter all about the mental poisons we put in our minds that cause us heartache and sorrow, the worst of them being social media. Although it was intended to connect us, unfortunately, much of humanity has chosen to use it as divisive tool that often separates us even further from one another.

“The worst type of poison you can put in your mind is other people’s fear, doubt and worries. You pick up on these as you spend time online. All of the lies, the debates, the terrible things said to one another are poisoning you slowly. It is better to let everyone be who they wish to be and have no idea of what they are doing than to allow it to sink you into despair. Use it sparingly and to spread joy and fun. Show yourself laughing, dancing or enjoying a day with family. Follow our rules for posting and you will be well on the way to spending your energy wisely.” – Wisdom of The All

Spirit doesn’t say to banish the medium altogether, as everything in this world has value in terms of showing us how to love better, but rather to use it sparingly and with a more cautious approach. Below are questions which were given to me (as a channel) to share with the All as to how we could be posting effectively – as a soul being a human, rather than a human being a soul.

Before you post anything online from blogs, to articles, to images or videos ask yourself the following questions:

Is it kind?
Is it stemming from love or fear?
Can I grow from it?
Am I looking for adulation or genuinely showcasing joy?
Does it help anyone?
How will it make me feel in ten (or even five) years?
What’s the message I am sending with it?
Will it make the world a better place?
Does everybody need to know this?
Is pain my intention or passion?

With this in mind, go back through social media and perhaps remove what doesn’t come from love that you have posted in the past. Imagine what a different type of world it would be if all of us used our common sense coupled with soul sense before posting anything.

Think before you speak, act or write and it will change what you showcase online.