Do These 7 Things To Change The Mind

Life is simple. Really, truly it is… but we make it so hard by using our humanness too often. Now legitimately some people cannot make it out of the sea of despair and into the river of knowledge, and that is on purpose. On a soul level they have chosen not to awaken and will not resonate with the ease of life. Everything will be hard, frustrating, unfair or corrupt. For those who are on a longer journey to Love we hold space and offer them hope and prayer.

If you are, however, someone who understands our unity/interconnectedness and all things awakening then you are starting to understand there is way more to life than these bodies and just being human. You are souls here to experience the all of everything, from the worst to the best to everything in between. To do this we must go through challenges and triumphs. You can, however, move through these rather quickly if you are willing to change the mind.

The mind chooses everything. Free will is what we call this on earth. You can choose to view things as either true or false, good or bad, wrong or right etc… All choices are subsets of two emotions only. One is love and the other is fear. That’s it. Love versus Fear. I told you it was easy.

Now in order to arrive at this rather simple notion of love and fear, you must believe… and that is where the human (ego) stops us in our tracks. Our fearocious (spelled incorrect on purpose) ego is always going to make you challenge truth. That’s its job. To make you question everything. To change the mind is the most important thing you can do on a consistent basis in order to scrub the ego of its hold over you. These 7 mind changing techniques will move you closer to a knowing state than anything you can do on your own. That’s the thing. You think you are alone, but using the following techniques reminds you back to Oneness. It teaches you to cocreate with the soul and to make conscious choices, always.

1. Slow the Breath
Breath work is a powerful tool for creating a sense of calm and peace. Close your eyes. Fill the belly with air and then release it through the nostrils. Repeat.
Ten times a day take this practice with you wherever you go. Sixty seconds, ten times a day. You can spare six minutes a day can’t you? Of course you can, if you choose.

2. Panache
A flair for the dramatic is a trick of mind used by many. Actors become someone else simply by pretending. You can become who you are trying to be by pretending too. Just feel the feeling of what you want to create and act as if it has already been created. See it in your mind. Feel it in your body. Know it in your heart.

3. Meditate
It seems so obvious and the world is becoming more aware of the benefits of a meditative practice, but most spend more time in a mode of doing than in one of being. Sit down, say nothing, do nothing for ten minutes a day and you will begin to realize how you spend the other 23 hours, 50 minutes are way less important than quiet contemplation. A mind is like a rubber band. It doesn’t stretch unless you use force. FORCE – Forget Our Repetitive Conquering Ego.

4. Slide, Dance, Tango
Music and movement are powerful medicine. All those videos of women in labor dancing through the pain should convince you of the healing powers of dance and distraction. Concentrate on something which brings joy and you are forgetting ego. Put some happy music in the mix and you are really waging war upon it. Do it as often as you can and be sure you are closing out the world around you while doing it. Most importantly don’t judge the danceability, just feel it and enjoy.

5. Tapping
Emotional Freedom Technique is another great tool for both pain management and stress reduction as well as mind bending. Use different pressure points on the body to tap into healing emotional and physical pain. You will find all sorts of information online on the topic.

6. Safety in Numbers
Community is important. We are here to experience life through relationships and if you are all alone it is difficult to express emotions. Understanding who you are can be much more powerful when you have the mirror of others to use on the self. Share yourself willingly with those around you as a means to remedy mindful ideas about separation. You are One who is All.

7. Read, Write, Repeat
Everyday spend time working through difficulties. Ask questions. Where am I holding onto fear? What is this teaching and/or showing me? What’s the lesson and what can I take away from it? All of these are powerful tools for moving out of ego and into conscious living. Use books as tools but remember truth comes from within so you must ask for interpretation as you read another’s words. Your own words are more expansive than you know.

These are all great and powerful tools but when you get more expanded you will realize that all you have to do is ASK. Ask for help changing your mind and the Universe responds in kind. Every time you ask, a little piece of you transforms.

Laura Saltman is a self-help Author, Intuitive, Inner Guidance Coach and TV Host. Her new age/new thought book series The All of Everything, The All of the All and The All That Is are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her next book Wisdom of The All will be in stores in 2020.  Sign up for the daily Wisdom of The All newsletter below and be sure and follow @wisdomoftheall on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.