Turning Stress Into Strength

Every time I move it’s proved challenging. As a metaphysical teacher I have learned enough now to know that life is not going to be perfect. Mistakes happen, life happens. Stress is part of the journey to becoming an enlightened human. As a soul you already know how to manage stress. As a human we are often confused, frustrated and triggered by emotional attacks on the psyche. Those can come in many ways. Whether it’s your movers dropping your furniture, the handyman not showing up or the rude neighbor, stranger or even friend who sends you off in a tizzy. All those things and more happened to me just this week alone!

I’ve got news for you. Part of what makes us who we are is the messes we move through. The very challenges we experience are how we grow from human being to soul aligned. In this life you are learning about various themes and endless opportunities are presented for you to grow through them. Notice the difference. You can either GO through something or you can GROW through something. And that is precisely how I handle every situation that is thrown my way. I grow though it using various tools and techniques given to me in my The All books and Wisdom of The All messages.

Take for example the property manager I encountered when I moved into my new rental property in July. From the moment I arrived he was rude and abrasive and rubbed me the wrong way, and I him. In the eyes of the Universe we are both student and teacher. So I have been locked in a battle for the last few weeks over items that were in my opinion inappropriate for a new renter. The home was dirty, it was filled with ants in every room, there were broken lights, torn and ripped screens, the AC filter vent was so filthy you couldn’t even see the grates on it, the weather stripping on the front door was ripping off and there was a gaping hole at the bottom of an exterior door to the outside allowing bugs and animals to get in. I actually found a snake in my house one afternoon!

First, I got angry (because that’s human nature) then I got stressed and emotional and then I remembered my spiritual tool box (meditation, prayer etc..) and most important I knew I needed to – Cocreate. Every lesson you go through is a chance to remember who you are, a soul being human who has access to infinite resources provide by that one energy we call Love/God/Source/Universe or anything that helps name it and give it context. You are that source too and you have access to infinite wisdom, and challenges can be managed through you and not alone when you remember this.

Don’t be fooled into thinking some mighty power is going to wave a magic wand and come sprinkle you with pixie dust and fix everything instantaneously. Universal help comes in many forms. Perhaps an inspired thought, a change of heart or a friend sending you a gift at the perfect time. Perhaps it’s being guided to external tools that can help fix the problem at hand. The Universe is here to help YOU move through challenges, not do it for you. What comes from within comes from without, meaning you are the controller of the circumstance and asking for helping via our thoughts/words/actions is how you cocreate.

The point of all this is to let you know that to turn stress intro strength you have to wonder what all of this is about. “What is my lesson today and how can I move beyond it?” is a perfect cocreative question to ask yourself and the Universe. When you question you acknowledge you are in the circumstance and that you need help moving through it. The manager I am speaking of will most likely continue to create circumstances of unhappy tenants because he has not evolved beyond his limited perspectives and therefore hasn’t grown but rather shrank or stayed the same. Evolve or repeat, so an ancient proverb says.

I acknowledge that we all have different perspectives on our world because our journey’s are based upon our beliefs and our personal circumstances throughout life. I grew up in a clean, well maintained home and have always lived in one. This man in his limited perspective (shielded by ego) has a belief renters are not entitled to clean, well maintained properties or have a right to expect that “as is” doesn’t mean “filled with pests, deferred maintenance and eye sores.” Yes, my ego has opinions too!

Rather than let situations get the best of me now, I use my spiritual tool box, I cocreate, I trust the situations will be resolved and through that I have been handed some excellent opportunities for growth. While not everything got fixed to my liking, I was able to cocreate and used the following techniques to bring myself out of stress and intro strength.

1. Took one look at that snake and took a deep breath. Asked for help (aka cocreated). Had the thought to grab the longest tool I could find nearby and confidently tossed him out the front door. But first I took a video of him to post on social media because well, I’m human and he was small.
2. Used my own money to clean and clear the space to my specifications realizing not everyone is as Monica Geller (Friends reference here) as I am.
3. Sage every inch of the home morning and night for three weeks and continue to sage it daily alongside prayers for guidance and removal of unpleasantries (animals, insects, stuck energy).
4. Did a reiki energy cleanse which you can find HERE .
5. Cocreated a messsage to the owners and property managers to express myself and my disappointment in their narrow vision so I wasn’t holding onto pent up anger. Don’t let someone rent space in your head. It’s okay to voice your self.
6. Did a google search to find non-toxic pest control modalities. Google – God Only Offers Good Love Ever. Sometimes your inspired thought to go online and look something up is that help you are looking for. So far Ultrasonic plugins seemed to send the pests packing.


7. Opened the Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit a Well World TV colleague sent me right before I moved in which was a perfect item to have on hand after my move. I was able to use an essential oil diffuser and Thieves oil (a great oil for clean freaks like me) to take the odor out of the home, used peppermint and cottonballs to naturally deter ants from hanging around and added oils to my wool dryer balls to freshen up the rags used for cleaning. I also diffuse different oils during meditation which helps melt that stress away. Want one? Order your starter kit HERE.


I’m now finally be able to enjoy my home with less stress and more strength.