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Self Care Tips for the Soul Seeker

Self-Care for the Soul Seeker Nowadays when people hear the word self-care they think massages and pampering, wine on a Wednesday or a walk in the park. Those are all well and good but don’t address the underlying notions of why you should spend time alone. The goal of self-care isn’t to have some “you […]

Soulful Not So Full

I keep telling people that my to do list is about three pages long of all the things I can be doing as an author – marketing, promotions, PR reach out, video content, webinars etc… I mean the list truly is endless but the message came through loud and clear today as I was busy […]

Changing Your Life From the Inside Out

Transforming your life is an inside job. Period. No exception. You make the way. You are the key holder no matter who or what gave you that key. A therapist, a book, a newspaper article. It or they may be placed in your path but it’s your work to do, your journey to make. This […]

10 Powerful Intentions to Set for 2019

Happy 2019 Everyone, Let’s not sugar coat it. 2018 was a tough year for all of us on many levels. Yet, whether you realize it or not, it was also a transitional year where we were packing our bags (metaphorically and metaphysically) and getting ready for a grand adventure. The good news is that sometimes […]

The Importance of Human Connection

News flash – We are put on this planet to connect with one another. That’s why things like social media were invented in the first place. From the spiritual realm they were placed in our path (by humans) to allow us to engage with anyone and everyone in cities and countries we may never visit […]

20 Ways to Do Meditation Without Actually Meditating

  I cannot tell you how many people tell me they can’t meditate and how difficult is to quiet the mind. Science is proving how meditation lowers stress levels, decreases depression and even boosts our immune system. So you really should be doing it. Here’s a little secret. I can’t meditate either, not in the […]

The One Question To Ask Yourself Every Day To Curb Anxiety

What’s the one question to ask yourself everyday that just might change your life? “Where am I holding onto fear?” It’s a simple question meant to reveal what’s lurking beneath the surface of our minds causing all sorts of trouble and anxiety for us we might not even recognize. The question comes from what I […]

Surviving the Dreaded Manifestation Lag Time

When it comes to not seeing the manifestations of our desires most of us get caught up in that dreaded lag time. This is the time it takes for a thought to become a reality in our lives. Some thoughts manifest themselves instantaneously. “Shall I go right or left? Is this the way to the […]