My Mindful Morning Routine

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not the same person I was since starting this spiritual journey over 2 and 1/2 years ago. I am completely transformed and was delighted when one of my best friends told me recently I was the happiest person she knew. Now I must tell you that back in high school I actually won the award for “Biggest Complainer.” It wasn’t so much an award for not liking the cafeteria food or the way the gym teacher picked on the scrawny kids (aka, me) it was more about the school allowing kids to smoke on school grounds or the unfairness of being forced to dissect a dead frog. I was all about social justice and fighting inequality back then… with a little bit of diva attitude mixed in, like the fact that I had swimming class first period and had to spend the rest of the day looking like a drowned rat for a whole semester once.

Those days I would wake up and whine about having to go to school and in later years, work. These days I wake up grateful for each new day. The only way to live a life of passion, fire and purpose is to live it consciously and be mindful of how you approach each day. So here is a sneak peek into my mindfulness practices.


  1. I set my alarm ten minutes earlier than I actually need to wake up and hit the snooze button. This gives me the time to address the day. I start each day by saying, “I give my thoughts today to the Universe (God, Source) to guide me back to love in every circumstance. I shall think no thoughts of my own and release all fear based thoughts instantaneously so they may be healed,” or some version of this.
  2. I spend five or six minutes in quiet meditation (admittedly every once in awhile I do fall back asleep doing this, thus why I hit the snooze button and not turn the alarm off when I wake up.)
  3. I drink an eight ounce glass of water and take my vitamins. Drinking water first thing in the morning can help flush out toxins from the night before. Vitamins are necessary so our bodies are functionally properly which in turn helps our minds function properly.
  4. I brush my teeth and as I look in the mirror no matter what is staring back at me (messy hair don’t care) I state, “I am wholly perfect and beautiful today,” an idea and phrase which was given to me in my book The All of Everything. 
  5. I make a cup of hot green tea. I skip the coffee always.
  6. I hit the gym right after I drop my son off at school. I realize if you have to get to work this is not possible; but working out in the morning if you can is a great endorphin booster. It’s also a great sense of accomplishment to get it done and over with early.
  7. I make a green smoothie – spinach, pineapple, mango, apple juice, ginger and coconut water is one of my favorites.
  8. I eat a healthy breakfast. Avocado toast is a go to.
  9. I remind myself to just Be and to follow my inspired thoughts and do things that bring me joy.

If I had one tip to share it would be to slow down and remind yourself you are not here at random. So pay attention to your life.


The Power of Your Work Ethic

It’s 1pm and I am sitting here waiting for a power washer to come look at my house. He was supposed to show up at 10am. He has yet to call me and I am fairly confident he is not coming. I Yelped him and he had not one bad review. Yet, I wait…patiently. I have learned to not fight against those type of problems. Mostly because I know that if someone or something is not in my best interest, fighting against it will only bring me hardship. The guy may show up eventually, but he might do a terrible job or overcharge me. So the truth is if he doesn’t show up that’s ok. I will find someone else who will. I put my trust in my cocreators (aka the universal energy source) to know what’s best for me. His lack of commitment to his job is just a continuation of where I had placed my awareness recently -upon the lack of enthusiasm employees are showing for their work these days.


It all started when I took a trip with my niece and my son to a local McDonald’s restaurant over the weekend. The restaurant had only two stars and we quickly learned why. The employees bungled everyone’s orders. Their soda machine was partially broken and yet they still passed out cups to people to use it. The employees and even the manager was obviously less than enthusiastic about their jobs. The same thing happened when I went to buy my son shoes at Sears yesterday. The woman who was ringing up customers barely even looked anyone in the eye. I did my best to try and breakthrough to her by asking how her day was and she never even acknowledged my existence nor looked me in the eyes. Her attitude of annoyance with her current circumstances was obvious.


Here is the thing – You are not a victim of your circumstances. You are the creator of them. So if you are serving in a job where you are unhappy, seeing it as miserable place to be will only keep you stuck there or perhaps get you fired or laid off at some point.


If you want to move out a place of victimhood then you need to start seeing your place of business as a temporary but necessary stepping stone along your path. You may not be the CEO of a high-tech company now or the owner of your dream business but if you are pissed off that you had to start at the bottom rung of a fast food joint flipping fries, well then you will never get to a place of being a CEO.


In order to succeed at anything, you need to commit to it as fully as possible.There is a great quote in my new book, “The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination” which reminds us to stop using words of enslavement when we speak about work.


“Whomever is speaking of commitment to anything should always relay thoughts, words and feelings which are of higher vibration. ‘I enjoy what I do.’ ‘I get to work.’ ‘I bravely choose to honor my commitment to a company which serves a purpose different from my own.’ – The All of Everything


Where you are now doesn’t have to be a forever thing. “It’s not forever. It’s for now.” Remember this as you go about your work day. Bless the place where you are currently and know it is only temporary. Honor your commitment to be the best at what you are doing whether it’s flipping burgers, working at a warehouse or running your own Fortune 500 company. The more you love what you do and bless it for showing you the way out of misfortune, the more you will move towards a future filled with endless possibilities.


When you don’t show up, don’t care enough and don’t do your best you are simply stating a case to the universe that you are lazy, angry and incapable of living life to the fullest; whereby you will find yourself always caught up in the grind and struggle of life.


As an intern did I love getting people coffee or logging hours and hours of tapes for producers at my television jobs? No. However, I honored my commitment to expanding my horizons and knowledge. I went into every job with enthusiasm and always did my best, even if I didn’t agree with the subject matter. As I became more successful, I think I lost some of that enthusiasm because I got so quickly to my dream job. I know now thanks to my spiritual practice, that my complaining on days when I didn’t like an assignment (or a particular interview question I needed to ask) only kept me stuck doing those things over and over again.


So smile at customers. Take their phone calls promptly. Show up. Return emails as diligently as you can. Honor your commitment to serve a purpose other than you own, for now. Say thank for showing me the way out of misery and into my joyful expression of what I want to do with my life next. I know my perfect work scenario is coming to me soon; and so I treat every job the way I would want my employees to treat my place of business.


And if anyone knows a great power washer, call me.


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