Mindfulness, Meditation & Metaphysics Class –

Mondays, 8pmET on Zoom 

If you are struggling during this year of challenges and upsets, know that our Universal Guidance System is always operating in our favor. It wants us to move through these with our cocaptains by our side, but tapping into that can be difficult.

As a mindfulness, meditation and metaphysical teacher I have been given the gift of conscious connection. I can see, feel, sense, speak and listen to Spirit and not only share those messages through my All books and quotes, but also guide you to finding your own inner voice.

This isn’t a class for “manifesters” looking to increase their wealth or status online. This is for true soul seekers looking to understand their deep connection to Source, Spirit, Guides and Angels who want to elevate their conscious mind and become a healer, mentor and guide for others as well. We ALL are here to serve one another and rise together to create love and joy while also learning the lessons of soul.

Each week we will cover various topics and exercises consisting of:

  • Weekly Guided Intuitive Meditation.
  • Universal Laws 101. How to Use the Laws of the Universe to Your Advantage.
  • Group Tarot/Oracle Readings & Coaching on How to Do Your Own.
  • Mediumship/Psychic Exercises to unlock or enhance your own intuition and engage your “Clair” (clairaudience, clairvoyance etc..)

You can come to every class or drop in when you feel called to it. It will be a weekly fee per class ($10) or $20 monthly pass for all classes each month (payable on the 1st of each month)

Every week you will leave with a better sense of who you are, why you are, what lessons you are learning and how to cocreate a better relationship, job, experience or life.

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