As more and more people are awakening to their own divine truth, I have created my Infinite Abilities coaching program for helping you get clear on the magic you have within. Whether it’s for you to own your worth, find freedom from intellectual warfare of your mind or just wanting to understand psychic mediumship, past life healing or other metaphysical based tools I am here to walk you through as a teacher of All.

Each week we will be tackling various topics in metaphysics for a comprehensive look at all the ways we (as humans) can be evolving, expanding and enlightening to Source. 

I am a mindfulness meditation and metaphysical teacher and the author of four channeled books on the laws and principles of our Infinite intelligence. I work as a Spirit guide helping people break through their false beliefs and old narratives uprooting aspects of themselves they have been hiding inside their mind, revealing Oneness is our truth. 

This group program (designed by Spirit and taught through me) will help you uncover your own Infinite abilities from clairvoyance to claircognizance, precognition (tapping into future possibilities) to procognition (tapping into past individual and collective lives) and more. 

– In this one year program we will be learning about:

  •  Past lives/present possibilities and how to uncover what is happening in other realities and timelines. 
  • All about the chakras and how to keep them aligned and balanced.
  • All about the “claires” and how to activate them and keep them sharp.
  • We will open up the Akashic records and find our soul blueprint for this life and how to access them for others as well as clients or seekers. 
  • We will learn about our human design, numerology and astrology.
  • We will do weekly ascension exercises through meditation led by Spirit, the best more accurate way to align back to Source and All. 
  • We will open up your mediumship abilities making it possible to communicate with our loved ones on the other side. 
  • We will learn the art of oracle/tarot cards.
  • We will learn to become a Spirit guide for others using the same program that I’ve been following for the last nine years.
  • We will discover books together as part of our curriculum pre-set by the higher self.
  • We will learn automatic writing  to uproot the old parts of our self, noticing what’s always been so that we can return back to Love.

I’ll be your guide but we will also be working together which means you’ll be doing readings for others in the group to help you expand your own abilities in a safe, supportive and loving environment so that when you do go out in the world and shine your light you feel confident boosted in your knowing that you are tapped into divine Infinite intelligence.

Below is a sample of the schedule for each week

Week 1 – Meet your soul “mates” joining you in class.

Week 2 – Understanding your clair senses

Week 3 – Energy Drains – cleaning your home/spaces.

Week 4 – Learn you Archetype

Week 5 – What is holding you back? YOU

Week 6 – Uprooting Beliefs

Week 7 – FEAR workshop, forgetting, expecting, anticipating. resisting

Payment via Venmo (preferred) or credit card via Paypal. $88/month.

**For monthly payment you will be invoiced on the 8th of each month.

Starting 6/8/22 @ 8pmET. Class is limited to 12.