Channeled Daily Quotes from @wisdomoftheall on Instagram

“All of life all of you are being guided. No one is left to their own devices. No one because there is no two. There is only One. Knowing this is how you get to create a better life for one’s self. If you know you are but One and not two then you know truth. If you think you are alone you are living a lie, deciding for yourself you are all alone. And yet you never are. You are part of a holy trinity of life. God. Source. Universe. Light being. Love being. Soul being. Nowhere in there does it say you are a human being. You are a human, being. This is the delineation to be made among the species. All is One.”

“Move. Create. Jump. In mind see the very thing which you are trying to accomplish. A goal. Financial freedom. The job of a lifetime. Whatever you wish to create must first come into mind and then stay there for it to manifest as such into matter (physical form.) It is not enough to think a thought. You must feel the energy of it. “I will feel good when I have this,” you would say and we say feel good now so you may have it later. It doesn’t matter what is happening around the creation of it, it matters the vibrational offering which you are giving off. “I want this!” is a very egoic way to live. “I love how this makes me feel,” is the way to manifest. Feel the love inside of you and it will form outside when you stay aligned in its warmth and joy. “I am the thing I see because I see it.” See it. Feel it. Be it.”

“Fear is let go of one by one, day by day. It is a process not a race. To get to the end can take years if not decades or more. Take time every day to grow your soul through cocreation with our One and it will be easier to relinquish doubts, banish worries and erase fears. Each much discover this for their own self. As you go about each day on earth ask, “Where are my hidden fears today dear All?” Then release the desires so you may know truth. I need only what serves my highest self.”

“Raising your vibe is a daily process. Don’t get tripped up by what’s not happening now, just know it’s happening when. When you align fully and completely with its frequency of manifesting. For you are it’s captor and it’s releasor. You are what fixes and creates. You give life to thought and it gives life to all. Your only mechanism for change is YOU. Get this and you are fully in control of what manifests in and around you as a conscious soul.”