If you are struggling to control the process of awakening, you are not alone. I have been on this journey since losing my dad and brother in 2013, and I know it involves many twists and turns and ups and downs. It can be both scary and hard. I help my clients ease through the process through the teachings of my channeled book series The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination, The All of the All and That All That is.  I always tell people I wrote the books I most needed to read when I found my spiritual pathI have been there through every single emotion as you rise into the ultimate truth of who you are and why you are here. I have known grief, depression, anxiety, anonymity, success and failure. As a spiritual teacher and intuitive translator I can guide you through every step on your journey so you know you are not alone and there is a light at the end of what can sometimes be a very dark tunnel. Ultimately we are each only capable of healing our selves but there are many of us who can offer you some keys. Let me help you on the path.

I love this excerpt from my next book, Wisdom of The All, a step by step guide into Love becuase it very starkly describes my own process of ascension.

When I found my happy place, I wasn’t rich or in love. I didn’t have a thriving career, the second baby I so desired. I had very few true friends, only a trusted one here and there. My family life wasn’t perfect. I didn’t love where I was living. I was between jobs, between love, between anything purely materialistic and mostly a failure. But I was happy and that was an accomplishment in and of itself because I worked for it. It didn’t just happen overnight or even in a year’s time. I worked at it every single day for six long years.  Finding my truth, our truth took me on an epic journey of surrender. One moment I would be on top of the world and the next in utter despair. I verged on depression almost daily in the beginning stages of awakening, but somewhere in the middle of it stopped feeling broken or suicidal. Three quarters of the way through my transformation is when I finally broke through and became more happy than sad, and that’s when the real magic arrived – hope. I finally had a window to another world, another way of living where I could thrive without actually needing or having anything at all. When I excepted it as truth, I was finally unabashedly free.