Going through the awakening process can be very daunting and indiscriminating. Misinformation and discouragement kills the vibes. I’m here to navigate you through the process as you go through the ups and downs that are the common experience of the collective on earth. I am you. I have been you. I know exactly what you are going through because I have taken that epic journey (one step at a time). Let’s hold space for one another as we work together to open your third eye, remove toxic thoughts and remind you of who you are – a perfect, beautiful light of love. 

I work together with one-on-one clients across the country as they ascend and descend through a journey of healing. It won’t be perfect but it will be epic and I am here to assist you, guide you and remind you every step of the way as you become the soul you are meant to be in this lifetime here in the magic energy of earth. 

As more and more people are awakening to their own divine truth, I have created my Infinite Abilities and Infinite Awakenings coaching program for helping you get clear on the magic you have within. Whether it’s for you to own your worth, find freedom from intellectual warfare of your mind or just wanting to understand psychic mediumship, past life healing or other metaphysical based tools I am here to walk you through as a teacher of All.

I have taken the journey of awakening, which began in 2013 after losing my brother to cancer and my dad to suicide. It took me to the brink of depression nearly costing me my own life over and over again. But somewhere along the way I began to discover my true self, the Oneness I had with God and the Universe. 

I know the ups and downs, the setbacks and failures but also the immense joys of connecting to the soulful divine mind and I am here to walk you through the journey, holding your hand the entire time. 

– In the One year Infinite Abilities program we will be learning about:

  • Past lives/present possibilities and how to uncover what is happening in other realities and timelines. 
  • All about the chakras and how to keep them aligned and balanced.
  • All about the “claires” and how to activate them and keep them sharp.
  • We will open up the Akashic records and find our soul blueprint for this life and how to access them for others as well as clients or seekers. 
  • We will learn about our human design, numerology and astrology.
  • We will do weekly ascension exercises (aka meditations) designed to evolve you further and expand your mind. 
  • We will awaken mediumship abilities making it possible to communicate with our loved ones on the other side. 
  • We will learn the art of oracle/tarot cards.
  • We will learn to become a Spirit guide for others using the same program that I’ve been following for the last nine years.
  • We will learn automatic writing which creates a deep connection to All. 

Infinite Awakenings is an intimate group experience for those who are struggling to find peace or harmony in their life. Whatever you are going through I will help you discover the inner self which is the healer, manifester and the creator of your happiness. Maximum for the group is 6 people.

In my own journey of awakening to All, it has been consistency, patience and time that elevated my understanding of the Infinite Source which exists in all of us. I believe you need time to understand, integrate and experience how a commitment to spiritual growth or awakening your intuitive gifts can change your life which is why this program is over the course of an entire year. My intention is to gift you the tools for ascension and being.

Payment via Venmo (preferred) or credit card via Paypal.

Investment: $111/month

**For monthly payment you will be invoiced on the 1st of each month.

Classes beginning September 5th.

If you are interested please email info@laurasaltman.com

Programs are ongoing. If you are interested in joining or starting a class send an email to info@laurasaltman.com