Why It’s Good To Get Angry Sometimes

Yesterday I was pissed off. I mean really pissed off. I have been trying to fight off this persistent rash for months now. I had been using my spiritual tool box just as my The All of Everything book series instructs – meditation, prayer, affirmations and intentions in conjunction with practical medicine.  My dermatologist told me this particular issue would take awhile to go away and much to my chagrin my skin ailment continues.

It has made for some pretty interesting content in my upcoming second book The All of the All and third book The All That Is. My skin problems have been the topic of discussion over and over again and Spirit keeps telling me the same things over and over again – that my rash is caused by me through my subconscious unhealed thoughts. Fear, doubt, worry, anger, aggravation, irritations over delays and the big one – aging.

“My skin rages at me from the inside out,” I was told by Spirit. “Anger is manifesting itself upon your skin from a level on which you are currently not accessing internally. You are not there yet in the releasing.”

If I am being honest with myself, its true. I have been harboring anger and resentments over some circumstances in my life and as much as I don’t want to face them I know I have too. I have to face my ego (fear, irrational thoughts) head on. I have to face my grief over my dad and brother’s deaths. Thank you, This is Us for really bringing up a painful reality about my buried emotions this week.  If you have not seen the season 2 finale and the scene where Kevin talks about how he feels as if they inhaled the day their dad died but never exhaled. OMG well needless to say I cried for hours and the last two days I have stayed in bed mostly, too upset to go out and too aggravated at my skin. I can’t even exercise the hurt away because sweat causes more rash irritation. It also didn’t help that this week was my dad’s birthday. Today in fact.

Yesterday, I stayed in bed for awhile and continued to get more and more annoyed at this stupid rash. I called the doctor yet again when I reached the boiling point. Then I decided to take a shower and that’s when something happened. I got angry. Belligerent actually. I started screaming my head off at my ego, telling it go away and leave me the F*^! alone. I bashed its head in with a metaphysical bat and threw rocks at its metaphysical body. I visualized grabbing boxing gloves and went all Rocky Balboa on my ego. My heart was racing. I was screaming as loud as I could for my ego to go away forever. As I was doing this all of a sudden I started feeling better, lighter, freer and happier. Something within me lifted. It felt as if the heavy weight and burden was being erased.

Using those spiritual tools can sometimes feel worthless and healing impossible when you are feeling depressed or sick and unhealthy. In order to move out of that icky feeling or the fear overtaking our minds, we have to be able to move up the ladder just one rung. The next rung from fear is anger. Get angry at your fear. Your fear wants you stay there but if we can get angry at our fear and really rage at our circumstances why then we are telling the Universe we are willing to journey past fear into a new state of being.

When I calmed down and stepped out of the shower, I finally decided to go outside and hit the grocery store. I noticed my skin stopped raging at me for once in the last few days.  Through my anger I was able to release the burdened feeling I was having from the aggravation of my skin. And that’s how we are able to move towards healing. One rung up the ladder at a time. I went from fear to anger. Today I went from anger to frustration. Tomorrow I expect to go from frustration to hopefulness and each day I will work towards finding my bliss again.

I know through my writings that when we place our minds on the problem we create more of the same. When we place our minds on the solution we begin to move towards a solution. This is why prayers, affirmations, intentions are so important because it reminds us of who we truly are and our connection to the Universe. Sometimes part of the solution is the need to just kick the crap out of something!

The Universe also has a great sense of humor and so I had a great laugh this morning when I saw this desktop punching bag on my Facebook feed.  Ordering it now and writing the word FEAR on it!

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