A Powerful Lesson in Consistency and Unhealed Thoughts


I’m just finally back on my feet after suffering a bad cold. Other than my recurrent skin problems which are a big topic in The All of Everything book, I haven’t gotten sick in almost a year and half. Even when everyone around me was suffering through repeated colds, I never put a thought into my head that I was going to get sick and never did. Then two weeks ago I went to Disney World for four days and I would think consistently about all the germs on the rides and the hotel rooms and lobbies without paying attention and releasing those irrational thoughts and sure enough I wound up sick a week later.

I used all of my spiritual tools to release my upper respiratory issues as quickly as possible but when two days went by with not much change, I got angry with myself and with being sick. That’s when my skin issues flared up at me with hives on my arms. Still, as I suffered, I knew there was a larger reason for my health problems and so last night and this morning I took to my computer and asked for an explanation from Spirit/Divine Mind and an entire chapter of my third book was written all about consistency and unhealed thoughts. Also it was revealed my skin hives were a manifestation of anger at myself for being sick in the first place.

Lesson # 1 – Consistency.  As much as I thought I was being consistent, I wasn’t being as consistent as is needed to truly live a Spirit guided life. I know we are guided by this unseen force but I still allow ego thoughts to get trapped in my brain. I put them out of my head as quickly as they come in but if I am being honest I also allow some of them in. It’s so easy to do this when the evidence is all around you – runny nose, headache, rashes etc. This is precisely when we need to practice our inner quietness, inner stillness or meditation more consistently and remind ourselves of who we truly are – spiritual beings who do have cheerleaders along for the ride with us always to help us heal more quickly.

Lesson # 2 –  The trick is (and what I learned through my writings today) is that especially when it comes to creating sicknesses in our bodies we are dealing with unhealed thoughts deep in our psyche we sometimes don’t even know that live there or lie dormant. They are trapped within the confines of our mind and are only reachable by daily, consistent contemplation through quietness.

So after we wrote the chapter together, I listened and heeded the advice and took some quiet time for contemplation and was able to release some hidden thoughts that I didn’t realize were affecting me. In meditation I revealed and released some really deep buried childhood and teenage memories I had long forgotten. I forgave myself for the times as I kid I didn’t do the right thing or made myself feel small.  Hours later, after releasing these unhealed thoughts, I felt like a new person. My inspiration came back. My joy came back and I finally felt healthy and whole again.

The last thing we wrote together this morning was this quote – “I am being. Whoever gets into a space of awareness where BEING is the only thing worth DOING will be a master of their universe.”

Being is reminding yourself in every moment of irrational minded thinking to go within and connect back to your spirit and soul and I mean EVERY moment. Don’t let the negative thought in, don’t let it seep into your soul. Offer it a flashlight and reveal its dark nature – then release it to the nothingness from which it came forever.

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