Surviving the Dreaded Manifestation Lag Time

When it comes to not seeing the manifestations of our desires most of us get caught up in that dreaded lag time. This is the time it takes for a thought to become a reality in our lives. Some thoughts manifest themselves instantaneously. “Shall I go right or left? Is this the way to the mall?”

Other thoughts take flight within a few days. “I have no idea how to rid myself of this cold so I will take this medicine and wait it out.”

The manifestations that really take a toll on our psyche though are the big ones – I want a baby, a new car, a plane full of passengers, a tiny bit of respect, an audience of followers, a bank account filled with money. These are the types of desires which trip us up and the reason why is because we are trained first and foremost that our career, financial and personal aspirations are nothing more than pipe dreams or a lot of hard work that will take us years and years to obtain. And so we wait…and wonder…and worry.

What happens when we do worry (and throw in a little doubt in there too) is that we are stuck in the lack. Focusing upon what we don’t have is precisely what keeps the miracles away. This is simple law of attraction – that which is like unto itself is drawn. Draw upon the energy of worry and doubt – you wait. Draw upon the energy of Love, “I love myself enough to know I can create anything in my life I desire” – you prepare.

Prepare for what? For the manifestation to begin to take flight. I’m just finishing up my third book, “The All That Is”, which is part three of the All of Everything series. Below is an excerpt from the book (a conversation with the Divine Mind which lives inside all of us) on how to handle the lag time in our lives and a great prayer for releasing it.

(from The All That Is) 

L: And how do we not focus on the lack when we are in that dreaded wait time?

G: Focus on the light. The light within you knows the way out of the dark.

“I am on my way to enlightenment but I get hung up in the lag time where nothing seems to be happening for me. It is in those moments where I need the most help and so I ask to be guided back to Love as I suffer the consequences of the irrational mind. Let no thought harm my peace of mind by taking it from my consciousness and releasing it.”

L: In every moment. Don’t let the thought drag us down.

G: Every moment. Every time. No exceptions.

Our ego is the culprit here and so every time you think a thought which offers the opposite of what you want, go straight back into that prayer. To focus on the love ensures that we are understating our connection to the Universe which is Love.

For more on The All of Everything series be sure and tune into the Living Fearlessly with Lisa podcast on June 29, 2018. I’ll be her guest for the entire hour.

Book 1 is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Book 2, The All of the All is coming out on 6/26/18.




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