Changing Your Life From the Inside Out

Transforming your life is an inside job. Period. No exception.

You make the way. You are the key holder no matter who or what gave you that key. A therapist, a book, a newspaper article. It or they may be placed in your path but it’s your work to do, your journey to make. This is something which most people have yet to understand, but it is the work of a human being. The soul’s job is to guide you into thoughts which create joy but our ego comes along to trip us up at every turn.

If I listened to the voices in my head telling me I am too old, too fat, too useless in the world I would be… well exactly where I was, because I did. I let something outside of me define me – the voice of ego and everyone else. I took thoughts from my childhood, my college years and all the many unflattering, unconscious thoughts of myself and let them derail me. Not all the time. Many times I stomped that right out of me and moved beyond the chatter of, “you’re no good” using people’s “no’s” and “you’ll never get there” as my fuel. It’s how I got on a national TV show in the first place. The ego waits for moments like this to “prove” it’s own worth which is why many times you can create (unconsciously) precisely what you are wishing to create – a dream job, a movie role etc..

These days I squash the bug that is the ego and instead I choose to focus on my positive qualities. I am a good interviewer. I treat people kindly. I am marginally attractive enough to be on TV. (ok, maybe that last one needs some work still from me) and I have found those very things showing up in my life. Chances to interview fun and interesting people find me all the time. People are kind wherever I go (instead of the typical grumps I used to encounter) and TV hosting opportunites beyond anything I ever did in entertainment news keep arriving for me.

When I compared myself to others I was either looking down at myself or looking up at them and this got me through some days while majorly F’ing up others. Comparison is the plague of this century. It is our most mind blocking demon. It messes with our head and our heart and challenges us to do better. But we don’t. We stay stuck in our muck scrolling through social media and waiting for others to hit the all-important like button not realizing the like we need most is of ourselves.

So how do we accept this and change it? How can we move beyond our distasteful view of ourselves and get real? Be willing.

Be willing to accept that you are human and soul. You are body/mind/soul, a trifecta.

The body is for moving and vibrating.

The mind is for thinking.

The soul is for knowing. Knowing who you are, why you are here and what function the body and mind serve is our “superpower”. It’s how you go from surviving to thriving. But it takes work, lots of work. Getting rid of the negative chatter inside our head is a full-time job. It can be done in a shorter time frame but mostly our days are filled with doing – tasks and activities, scrolling and socializing. Thus we put aside our “being” time to move through a day.

Being is the mechanism of change.

Meditation. Contemplation. Still, quiet time. This is an enlightenment seekers line of defense against the ego. The more time you spend finding who you are the less it will take to become a knower. As such you are a “seeker.” Seeking the light and finding observational materials to allow you to extend consciousness. The very fact you are reading this article shows you are on a path to knowing whether you are at the beginning or towards the end, you are following the yellow brick road home.

No matter what path you take – right, left or center, the journey is yours and yours alone. No one fixes you but you. It is the internal processes which grow a soul. Every time you connect to that One mind which lives inside of you it opens you up further and further to our beingness. It shines a light on our whole self, the self which is eternal. You are but one microcosm of a vast, expansive consciousness and the road is fraught with twists and turns on purpose. It’s supposed to be difficult in order to make you examine more closely what is causing your stuckness, insecurities or relationship woes. Take a look every time you suffer and focus on soul.

“What is this teaching or showing me? What is the lesson in all of this and how may I move beyond it?”

Ask questions which are bigger than you. You think you know you, but only soul knows you and this is where the truth lies. You are perfect, kind and capable of anything in which you set your mind too. Look inside to find it.

Laura Saltman is a self-help Author, Intuitive, Inner Guidance Coach and TV Host. Her new age/new thought book series The All of Everything, The All of the All and The All That Is are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her next book Wisdom of The All will be in stores in 2020.