20 Ways to Do Meditation Without Actually Meditating


I cannot tell you how many people tell me they can’t meditate and how difficult is to quiet the mind.

Science is proving how meditation lowers stress levels, decreases depression and even boosts our immune system.

So you really should be doing it.

Here’s a little secret. I can’t meditate either, not in the traditional “om”-ing sense. In yoga class when we go into savasana my mind starts wandering instantaneously into all the things I should be doing besides yoga. Cleaning, grocery shopping, writing blogs etc… That was until I learned the secret of meditation through writing my book series The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination.

You don’t have to be still to reap the benefits of stillness.

Stillness, or as I would call it quieting the mind, does not have to involve laying down or sitting and not thinking. Wherever you are at peace and able to toss away the garbage thoughts about yourself and the world you see around you is quieting the mind. Thoughts like, “I am not good enough.” “No one will follow me.” “My boss is a jerk.” “I’ll never be respected in my career, find love or make enough money.”

These are our everyday untruths which keep us stuck creating the same old life day after day. So get meditating, but in a way that works for you. Anything that shuts your mind down enough to not think about all the things you have to do and instead experience joy, happiness or laughter.

Below are 20 ideas for you to try that may help bring you peace.

Whatever you do make sure you give it a solid 20 minutes of your time. It will be the most important 20 minutes you spend of your 24 hours. If you can go into your “zone” at places like the gym or the beach it’s fine to be around other people but if you get distracted by others make sure you are alone and no talking out loud (unless it’s to that quiet voice in your head which knows the truth of who you are – aka the soul).


  1. Singing in the shower.
  2. Writing in a journal.
  3. Dancing alone in your house when no one is watching or listening.
  4. Running without music.
  5. Turning the radio off in the car and focusing on the road ahead.
  6. Visualizing in your mind the life you want to create.
  7. Taking a walk in nature.
  8. Bird watching.
  9. Photographing things you love.
  10. Looking at old photos and lovingly laughing at your old hairstyles.
  11. Listening to guided meditations. (I love Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s meditation app.)
  12. Creating art.
  13. Working with clay (or even your kids Playdoh).
  14. Lifting weights.
  15. Sitting and looking at the ocean, lake or a pond.
  16. Walking on a beach.
  17. Writing a letter to yourself about the great life you have.
  18. Hitting golf balls at the driving range.
  19. Swimming laps.
  20. Going for a hike.

It’s so simple, right? I could come up with hundreds more. Parasailing, zip lining or kite surfing, if that entices you. The point is that meditation is simply about feeling good and clearing your mind of untruths by doing something YOU enjoy which raises your energetic vibration and puts you -body, mind and soul at peace. What works for you may not work for someone else. Do what makes you happy, calm and contemplative and please don’t get hung up on societal norms of what “meditation” is.

Happy meditating.

Laura Saltman is an author, inner guidance coach and lifestyle host appearing on Designing Spaces and The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV.
Her books The All of Everything, The All of the All are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her next book The All That Is is due out in January 2019.
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The One Question To Ask Yourself Every Day To Curb Anxiety

What’s the one question to ask yourself everyday that just might change your life?

“Where am I holding onto fear?”

It’s a simple question meant to reveal what’s lurking beneath the surface of our minds causing all sorts of trouble and anxiety for us we might not even recognize. The question comes from what I like to call my spiritual guide book, The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination which states, “Subconscious thoughts are the demons of the minds. They stay hidden, eating away at you from inside. Conscious beliefs are the roots of our souls. They need to be watered and fed and tended to consistently.”

Think of it like brushing your teeth. In order to have a perfect smile you must consistently have good oral hygiene. What happens when you don’t brush and floss? You get plaque, tarter, cavities or worse (root canal, anyone?). In order to maintain a healthy body-mind-soul you must consistently have good mindfulness hygiene. What happens when you don’t clear out the subconscious thoughts? You get stress, anxiety and all kinds of illnesses.

What sort of fears are living beneath the surface that need to be uncovered? These are things like unworthiness, financial insecurity, job related crises, self esteem issues or jealousies, resentments, bitterness towards someone else. Anything that is holding you back from living a happy, abundant life is a fear, a fear (or doubt or worry) that needs to be healed and assailed every single day.

I tend to my subconscious thoughts by using a mindfulness routine everyday by asking that question and then following up with a second question (also from my book).

“How may I release the fears?”

I then write in a journal and work towards releasing those pesky subconscious thoughts by writing them down and then letting the universe do the heavy lifting of letting go of thoughts and ideas that no longer serve me. If you have ever heard the term ‘cocreation’ this is what it means. I recognize the power both outside of me and inside of me to relinquish inner demons and replace them with conscious thoughts like I am worthy. I am financially secure. Work is easy and effortless. I forgive all who have harmed my psyche etc…

And it works, truly, if you are consistent. My head is less cloudy and filled with garbage thoughts which leads to more time for myself, my family and less time to stress out. However, if I do not take the time or forget my daily inner work, within a day or two I go right back to fear, doubt and worry.

Be Consistent

Remember that old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Throw it out. It’s outdated and tired.  The one below from my book has a much more accurate and mindful approach.

“Exercise, eat right and get right spiritually each and everyday, and my goodness, what a magnificent life you would all lead.”









Surviving the Dreaded Manifestation Lag Time

When it comes to not seeing the manifestations of our desires most of us get caught up in that dreaded lag time. This is the time it takes for a thought to become a reality in our lives. Some thoughts manifest themselves instantaneously. “Shall I go right or left? Is this the way to the mall?”

Other thoughts take flight within a few days. “I have no idea how to rid myself of this cold so I will take this medicine and wait it out.”

The manifestations that really take a toll on our psyche though are the big ones – I want a baby, a new car, a plane full of passengers, a tiny bit of respect, an audience of followers, a bank account filled with money. These are the types of desires which trip us up and the reason why is because we are trained first and foremost that our career, financial and personal aspirations are nothing more than pipe dreams or a lot of hard work that will take us years and years to obtain. And so we wait…and wonder…and worry.

What happens when we do worry (and throw in a little doubt in there too) is that we are stuck in the lack. Focusing upon what we don’t have is precisely what keeps the miracles away. This is simple law of attraction – that which is like unto itself is drawn. Draw upon the energy of worry and doubt – you wait. Draw upon the energy of Love, “I love myself enough to know I can create anything in my life I desire” – you prepare.

Prepare for what? For the manifestation to begin to take flight. I’m just finishing up my third book, “The All That Is”, which is part three of the All of Everything series. Below is an excerpt from the book (a conversation with the Divine Mind which lives inside all of us) on how to handle the lag time in our lives and a great prayer for releasing it.

(from The All That Is) 

L: And how do we not focus on the lack when we are in that dreaded wait time?

G: Focus on the light. The light within you knows the way out of the dark.

“I am on my way to enlightenment but I get hung up in the lag time where nothing seems to be happening for me. It is in those moments where I need the most help and so I ask to be guided back to Love as I suffer the consequences of the irrational mind. Let no thought harm my peace of mind by taking it from my consciousness and releasing it.”

L: In every moment. Don’t let the thought drag us down.

G: Every moment. Every time. No exceptions.

Our ego is the culprit here and so every time you think a thought which offers the opposite of what you want, go straight back into that prayer. To focus on the love ensures that we are understating our connection to the Universe which is Love.

For more on The All of Everything series be sure and tune into the Living Fearlessly with Lisa podcast on June 29, 2018. I’ll be her guest for the entire hour.

Book 1 is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Book 2, The All of the All is coming out on 6/26/18.




A Powerful Lesson in Consistency and Unhealed Thoughts


I’m just finally back on my feet after suffering a bad cold. Other than my recurrent skin problems which are a big topic in The All of Everything book, I haven’t gotten sick in almost a year and half. Even when everyone around me was suffering through repeated colds, I never put a thought into my head that I was going to get sick and never did. Then two weeks ago I went to Disney World for four days and I would think consistently about all the germs on the rides and the hotel rooms and lobbies without paying attention and releasing those irrational thoughts and sure enough I wound up sick a week later.

I used all of my spiritual tools to release my upper respiratory issues as quickly as possible but when two days went by with not much change, I got angry with myself and with being sick. That’s when my skin issues flared up at me with hives on my arms. Still, as I suffered, I knew there was a larger reason for my health problems and so last night and this morning I took to my computer and asked for an explanation from Spirit/Divine Mind and an entire chapter of my third book was written all about consistency and unhealed thoughts. Also it was revealed my skin hives were a manifestation of anger at myself for being sick in the first place.

Lesson # 1 – Consistency.  As much as I thought I was being consistent, I wasn’t being as consistent as is needed to truly live a Spirit guided life. I know we are guided by this unseen force but I still allow ego thoughts to get trapped in my brain. I put them out of my head as quickly as they come in but if I am being honest I also allow some of them in. It’s so easy to do this when the evidence is all around you – runny nose, headache, rashes etc. This is precisely when we need to practice our inner quietness, inner stillness or meditation more consistently and remind ourselves of who we truly are – spiritual beings who do have cheerleaders along for the ride with us always to help us heal more quickly.

Lesson # 2 –  The trick is (and what I learned through my writings today) is that especially when it comes to creating sicknesses in our bodies we are dealing with unhealed thoughts deep in our psyche we sometimes don’t even know that live there or lie dormant. They are trapped within the confines of our mind and are only reachable by daily, consistent contemplation through quietness.

So after we wrote the chapter together, I listened and heeded the advice and took some quiet time for contemplation and was able to release some hidden thoughts that I didn’t realize were affecting me. In meditation I revealed and released some really deep buried childhood and teenage memories I had long forgotten. I forgave myself for the times as I kid I didn’t do the right thing or made myself feel small.  Hours later, after releasing these unhealed thoughts, I felt like a new person. My inspiration came back. My joy came back and I finally felt healthy and whole again.

The last thing we wrote together this morning was this quote – “I am being. Whoever gets into a space of awareness where BEING is the only thing worth DOING will be a master of their universe.”

Being is reminding yourself in every moment of irrational minded thinking to go within and connect back to your spirit and soul and I mean EVERY moment. Don’t let the negative thought in, don’t let it seep into your soul. Offer it a flashlight and reveal its dark nature – then release it to the nothingness from which it came forever.

Why It’s Good To Get Angry Sometimes

Yesterday I was pissed off. I mean really pissed off. I have been trying to fight off this persistent rash for months now. I had been using my spiritual tool box just as my The All of Everything book series instructs – meditation, prayer, affirmations and intentions in conjunction with practical medicine.  My dermatologist told me this particular issue would take awhile to go away and much to my chagrin my skin ailment continues.

It has made for some pretty interesting content in my upcoming second book The All of the All and third book The All That Is. My skin problems have been the topic of discussion over and over again and Spirit keeps telling me the same things over and over again – that my rash is caused by me through my subconscious unhealed thoughts. Fear, doubt, worry, anger, aggravation, irritations over delays and the big one – aging.

“My skin rages at me from the inside out,” I was told by Spirit. “Anger is manifesting itself upon your skin from a level on which you are currently not accessing internally. You are not there yet in the releasing.”

If I am being honest with myself, its true. I have been harboring anger and resentments over some circumstances in my life and as much as I don’t want to face them I know I have too. I have to face my ego (fear, irrational thoughts) head on. I have to face my grief over my dad and brother’s deaths. Thank you, This is Us for really bringing up a painful reality about my buried emotions this week.  If you have not seen the season 2 finale and the scene where Kevin talks about how he feels as if they inhaled the day their dad died but never exhaled. OMG well needless to say I cried for hours and the last two days I have stayed in bed mostly, too upset to go out and too aggravated at my skin. I can’t even exercise the hurt away because sweat causes more rash irritation. It also didn’t help that this week was my dad’s birthday. Today in fact.

Yesterday, I stayed in bed for awhile and continued to get more and more annoyed at this stupid rash. I called the doctor yet again when I reached the boiling point. Then I decided to take a shower and that’s when something happened. I got angry. Belligerent actually. I started screaming my head off at my ego, telling it go away and leave me the F*^! alone. I bashed its head in with a metaphysical bat and threw rocks at its metaphysical body. I visualized grabbing boxing gloves and went all Rocky Balboa on my ego. My heart was racing. I was screaming as loud as I could for my ego to go away forever. As I was doing this all of a sudden I started feeling better, lighter, freer and happier. Something within me lifted. It felt as if the heavy weight and burden was being erased.

Using those spiritual tools can sometimes feel worthless and healing impossible when you are feeling depressed or sick and unhealthy. In order to move out of that icky feeling or the fear overtaking our minds, we have to be able to move up the ladder just one rung. The next rung from fear is anger. Get angry at your fear. Your fear wants you stay there but if we can get angry at our fear and really rage at our circumstances why then we are telling the Universe we are willing to journey past fear into a new state of being.

When I calmed down and stepped out of the shower, I finally decided to go outside and hit the grocery store. I noticed my skin stopped raging at me for once in the last few days.  Through my anger I was able to release the burdened feeling I was having from the aggravation of my skin. And that’s how we are able to move towards healing. One rung up the ladder at a time. I went from fear to anger. Today I went from anger to frustration. Tomorrow I expect to go from frustration to hopefulness and each day I will work towards finding my bliss again.

I know through my writings that when we place our minds on the problem we create more of the same. When we place our minds on the solution we begin to move towards a solution. This is why prayers, affirmations, intentions are so important because it reminds us of who we truly are and our connection to the Universe. Sometimes part of the solution is the need to just kick the crap out of something!

The Universe also has a great sense of humor and so I had a great laugh this morning when I saw this desktop punching bag on my Facebook feed.  Ordering it now and writing the word FEAR on it!

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30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Hello Mindful Ones!


If you took the 10 Day Thoughts Detox with me you might be feeling a little bit of struggle this week. Sometimes when you are releasing deep subconscious feelings, they bubble to the surface and can burn you a little. Better to learn of them and release them than allow them to fester beneath the surface. It works the same as any detox whether it’s food or addictions. You have to sweat out the old toxic stuff first before you can move past it. Releasing it though can be a painful process. I know it was for me. I struggled the last few days with anger, insecurities and sadness brought upon by the detox.


Talking about my problems though is how I help all of you. I practice what I preach here and so every day I worked through my struggles using prayer. meditation and intention. At times, it can feel like nothing is going your way and the world is against you but I promise you it’s not. You have to commit to the journey daily, hourly if needed. My biggest stumbling block continues to be and has always been consistency in my practice. In my book The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination, I write about how my spiritual counselor, Kim Stanwood Terranova, used to always ask me the same question in every session, “What is your daily practice?” I now completely understand how important this is. We have to be consistent in our spiritual practice for anything to change. Just like when you build muscle you need to consistently hit the gym for transformation. Spirituality works the same way. You have to consistently stay in the space of awareness for anything to change.


So my next goal is to help guide you into consistency by sharing with you what I learned through writing my book. I have developed a 30 day/10 Step Plan for getting you into a Mindfulness routine. You can print out a spreadsheet HERE if you like or use your own calendar. Each day you have to check off that you have done your 10 steps which include:


  1. 5 Minute Daily Routine (from the 10 Day Thoughts Detox). This is involves waking up 5 minutes earlier than usual each day and staying in bed to pray, meditate and visualize yourself at peace in your favorite spot. When I wake up the first thing I always say is, “Today I shall think no thoughts on my own, I turn them over to the divine mind for transformation.”
  2. Exercise – Do any activity you want for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Gratitude Prayer (verbal). Spend a few minutes thanking the universe for all it has brought you and will bring you. I actually do this in my car on the way home from dropping my son off at school.
  4. Gratitude Prayer (journaling). Take out a notebook and each day write down at least 5 things you are grateful for each day. A good time to do this is at the end of each day.
  5. Intention Setting (journaling). Intentions are goals you set for yourself which tell the universe what you plan to create in your life. As soon as you are done expressing gratitude take the time to set some intentions. They can be the same each day or different. Let your conscious be your guide on this and write whatever comes to mind. “My intention is to find happiness within.” That’s a simple statement to get you started.
  6. Meditation – This has always been hard for me but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it is the key to a happy life. 20 minutes a day would be great but if you can only do 5 minutes then do that. Start slowly and build your way up to quieting your mind.
  7. Skincare Routine – The skin is the largest organ in our body and needs TLC. So take the time to drink water all day long to flush out toxins, put sunscreen on each morning and wash your face and moisture your skin at night.
  8. Healthy Food Choices – You can’t think positive, set intentions, express gratitude and meditate without feeding your body essentials vitamins and minerals and reducing the amount of chemicals consumed. We are mind-body-soul and they must all work in tandem. If all you can do is eat two healthy balanced meals daily and indulge on the third, that’s a step in the right direction.
  9. Daily Questions Journaling – This is from my book and the directive was that every day we ask ourselves these questions – Who Am I? Who Are We? Where am I Holding onto Fear and How Shall I Release It? Commit to this practice daily and a whole multitude of hidden feelings will come up for releasing.
  10. Take Action Steps. Physical life is for living out loud. You can’t sit alone on your couch in a cabin, do steps 1 – 9 and expect miracles. We must take some action towards our dreams and desires. The best action is inspired action which comes from Spirit. The rub here is that too much action often leads to stress and anxiety. So we must be cautious with our actions that we are not doing too much. So pick no more than 5 action steps each day to move towards your intentions. And if that’s too many and begins to stress you out then just do 1 or 2 action steps. My goal is to inspire others to live a better life. So my 5 action steps might be – reach out to a talk show about appearing on a segment, find a place to give a lecture, write a blog about taking action, post an inspiring quote and write a query letter to a literary agent.  If your dream to was to be an actor your action steps might be – Go on an audition, make a video to post on YouTube, send your headshot to an agent, take a class or find a scene partner. It doesn’t matter what you do, it only matters that you take some steps and not put stress and pressure on the outcome for those steps. Just do something which tells the universe, “Hey I’m ready for my blessings!” This blog was an inspired thought which came to me after a prayer this week.


You have lots of things to do each and every day but I promise you that the most important things you do are the 10 steps above. They will move you closer to your desires much faster than anything else. Truly Commit to 30 Days and start to see what changes in your life. Pay attention to the signs and messages always guiding you. When we are living consciously and working towards releasing fears the Universe is always there by our side to lend a helping hand. I know it works because I am living the life I have always wanted right now. I found my soul’s true purpose and this is it….motivating others to live a better life.

For more on my story and I how I overcame multiples tragedies in my life and transformed both my inner and outer worlds order my book The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide To Inner World Domination on Amazon.




Join the 10 Day Thoughts Detox

I just finished up a 10 day sugar detox. This one was hard core. No sugar in any form was allowed even natural sugars from fruit. I am a super healthy eater usually but when the holidays hit, all bets are off. I know you can relate. So, the point was to cleanse my body of toxins and reduce the cravings that lead to indulging in sugary treats like I did last month. It worked like a charm and I am back on track with the clean eating.

I also find that during the holidays my energy is zapped from too many parties, all that holiday shopping and spending, missing my family (who have crossed over and can’t be with us physically) and the daily deluge of sad stories on the internet.

So this year I have decided for the first time to do a 10 Day Thoughts Detox. This will be ten days of breaking down some of our daily thought patterns and replacing them with new affirmations and intentions.  Each night you will get an email in your inbox with your daily assignments which will be easy and quick and include exercises in mindfulness. In that 10 day period you will learn to watch your thoughts so that you are living more consciously. You will learn the cyclical patterns keeping you stuck in stress, anxiety and/or low self esteem.

Using the principles taught to me in my new book, The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination, we will work on things like self/body image, love and romance, relationships, diet and fitness and that all important one, money.

If you are ready to start a new chapter in your life sign up for my newsletter. The 10 Day Thoughts Detox starts January 29th, 2018.



Less Doing, More Being

Ever since my book was finished I have been working my tail bone off getting it published and promoting it. I have also found myself dealing with psoriasis flare ups like I have never had before. My body was in stress mode; which is exactly what autoimmune diseases thrive on. I was doing too much because I am a doer. I have always been a doer. In fact, most of us are doers. I was ignoring the advice given in my new book, The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination.  I was letting my outer world dominate me.


Deadlines, phones calls, emails, meetings, social media distractions. This what my life has been made up of for the last few months. Even as a spiritual teacher we can sometimes get caught up in our doing because we love what we do. We love sharing and spreading the message but in that we forget the whole point of our message. The good news is that Spirit is always paying attention to what we are doing and sending us little subtle and not so subtle hints. So it was no surprise that during my shower the other morning Spirit had a little message for me, “Less doing, more being.” I heard the words loud and clear and knew it was absolutely a message for me.  Just in case I decided to overlook that message, the Universe sent me a real doozy along with it – my toilet overflowed in my bathroom! Needless to say I was not happy about this little inconvenience until an inspired thought came through to me about the larger message for me – Unclog your thinking. That was the message in my mess. I was so hung up on what I needed to do, I forget I needed to be.


What does being mean? It means to slow down and to contemplate your connection to the Universe (Source, God or whatever you call it). It means knowing you are guided by an unseen force at all times. So we have no need to act as if we can’t be the things we say we desire to be. When we are doing from a place of thinking we are solely in charge – we go into fear mode. When we are doing from a place of knowing we are being guided and are souly in charge (see the difference there) – we do it from a place of love. Our doing becomes action steps. This takes away the stress of “will this work for me.” and replaces it with “this will work for me as long as I believe it will.”


Rather than ignore my messages, I took them to heart. I gave back the reins to my cocreators. I put the computer away, I turned off social media and I made time to just be. I sat in meditation, I read a great book and I spent the weekend giving full attention to my son. We played, we went to see a movie, we got in some quality snuggle time.  Once I stopped doing and started being my skin issues began to tame, my stress levels depleted and an unexpected work opportunity flowed my way.

For more on the notion of BEING be sure and check out my new book, The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination. It’s a step towards ultimate self realization and the understanding that we are all the all of everything.  Buy it HERE. 

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11 Sure Fire Ways To Raise Your Energetic Vibration

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, getting out of a funk can seem futile. No attempt is ever wrong but there might be a better way and this is to change your energetic vibration. We are all made up of energy. It’s not just those of us in the mindful community using trendy terms like awake, aware and vibration. You are energy. Therefore you are vibrating. Albert Einstein said “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Living a joyful, abundant life is easier when we are vibrating at a higher level. Laughter raises our vibration. So does smiling and expressing love. Anger, bitterness and resentment lowers our vibration. Certain foods deplete us while healthy foods energize us. The trick to life is living it consciously and keeping your vibration high so that you can manifest all the things you desire. Here are 11 easy ways to raise your vibration.

1. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself 

When it comes to how we speak about ourselves, we are own worst enemies. We often look in the mirror and say things like “I look fat today” or “I am having a bad hair day.” Words have power, so don’t let them have power over you. “I am perfect and beautiful,” or “I am strong and confident.” These are the types of phrases that raise you up.

2. Forgive Everyone

Whether it’s for your own mistakes or someone who has wronged you be it a boss, a friend, a family member, the guy who stole your parking space or messed up your latte – holding onto bitterness and anger is the most self depleting thing you can do. The only person that truly loses is you. It keeps you stuck in lower energy and unable to experience the joy that is your birthright.

3. Hug Everyone

Humans crave skin to skin contact. I’m a hugger. The minute I feel a strong connection with someone, I hug them. It makes you and the other person feel the vibe between you.

4. Love Everyone

If each and every person on this planet could only understand that there is no separation between us, we would see everyone as our equal. To hate another person is to harm yourself. We are all connected in spiritual philosophy and so therefore when you harm one, you harm all be it with words or weapons.

5. Meditation and Yoga

Studies have shown that meditation is not only beneficial to our mindset but also our bodies. It lowers stress levels and helps aide with anxiety and depression. Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting in dark room on a pillow shouting, “OM.” It can be writing in your journal, reading a self help book, taking a walk in nature. It’s anything that grounds you and reminds you of your connection with the Universe. Similar to meditation, yoga reduces stress and anxiety. Too afraid to join a class? There are a number of yoga and meditation apps and yoga videos on Youtube you can follow from the privacy of your own home.

6. LOL

Laughter truly is the best medicine. So laugh out loud. It raises us up to the highest level of joy. The longer you stay there, the more lasting the benefits. Take in a comedy show, watch a silly movie or Saturday Night Live. Anything to remind you not to take life so seriously.

7. Tune In 

Music has the same effect as laughter when it has lyrics meant to uplift and inspire. I love the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman for this. Put the song This is Me, From Now On or A Million Dreams on repeat, go for a walk and feel how it raises your vibe.

8. Ask For Help

Each and everyone of us are cocreators. We are a collective consciousness who together are forming the world we see around us alongside the Universe and Cosmos. Whether you call this God, Source, Universe or something else does not matter, only that you understand you are never apart from this energy. When you know and accept this then you know, at any time of struggle and strife, you can ask for help simply by reminding yourself of this connection. “I am I never alone. I am connected to the energy of love and right now I need guidance. Help me.”  I ask for help all day every day especially on the hardest days. I receive it in the form of inspired thoughts or signs and messages. You are always receiving these, if you could just start to recognize them.

9. Cut The Crap

You can’t stay in high vibration simply by thinking positive or stating affirmations daily. We have to fuel our bodies properly, period. This is a major point made in my new book, The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination. Processed foods, chemicals, alcohol, cigarattes etc… cause our bodies to not function properly which in turn makes it hard to have the optimal brain function needed for mindfulness.

10. Change Your Social Media Newsfeed, now. 

Negativity and the news drops our energetic vibration to extremely low levels. Facebook and Twitter are filled with gossip, sadness and tragedy because that’s what gets the most click throughs. Make a choice to remove news and gossip sites from your news feed. Like pages that inspire you. Remove acquaintances who frustrate you with their toxic posts. I have a facebook group for The All of Everything where you can come and ask me questions and/or share your own signs/messages and uplifting messages. Come join us HERE.

11. Lose The Fear

Every thought you think is either coming from a place of love or fear. Every time you think a thought which underserves your true nature (which is love) you activate the switch that keeps those lights on. Love is expressing joy, gratitude, kindness and celebrating your life. It is the only true thing in our world.

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It’s Here! The All of Everything is Now Available


It’s here! Thank you all for your patience. This is my first journey into writing a book. It was challenging, fun and at times all encompassing. I am so grateful for everyone who helped me with this process. Now comes the time I have been dreading, which is to promote my book. For me, this is a hard one because I am not a sales person and I feel as if the internet has become the information superstore rather than superhighway. I also will admit how scary it is to put myself out there and share my truth of being a spiritual channel, after having been a TV reporter and producer working on national TV for so long.


Though I call myself a spiritual channel now (as that is how it all came about for me) the truth is we are all spiritual channels. Every single one of us is capable of having a conversation like the one I did with “God” (or Source, the Universe or whatever you deem to call that energy from which we call emanate) because there is only one of us here. When we truly know and believe this, we can connect back with that energetic source at any time in quiet contemplation. You actually connect with that source daily, even if you don’t know it. You are always being sent signs and messages. I just recognize them now; and that is how the book came to be. I followed my intuition and inspiration and lost the fear of being harshly judged for sharing openly something we all are capable of doing.


I am still a little selfish though. My selfish reason for wanting to share this book is because I want to live in a better world and the more people who are awake and aware, the more peaceful it can become. I want to walk into places and see people laughing and smiling not sad and sullen. I want to see kids running on a playground or creating art and music, not attached to a technology device all day. I want us to stop hating each other for our differences and understand there is no separation between us. We can love who we want. We can do what we want. We can be who we want.


The message of this book is clear, we are not here at random – we are here to grow and evolve our souls and to do that we always have helpers along the way. No matter what you call those helpers be it God, Universe, Source or something else my book will show you how we are all connected and creating together, as one.


It’s a message shared by other spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williams and taught by Jesus and Buddha thousands of years ago. The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination is my version taught to me and told through the eyes and ears of someone who was struggling with grief, depression and loss who overcame it and became a completely transformed person by using these spiritual tools. It’s written in a way that is easy to understand using humor, heart and a little bit of celebrity gossip. It’s my journey to enlightenment told in a way that can guide you towards your own.


It’s also just part one of the journey. My second book The All of The All is almost finished. It’s a continuation of the conversation with more fascinating insight into how to manifest the life of our dreams. Stay updated on when that book will be released by following my Facebook page facebook.com/laurasaltmanmedia and be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @laurasaltman. You can also join my newsletter HERE where I will be sharing wisdom from that book weekly.

Your soul knows the best path for you and you were guided here for a reason, so let’s get started. Whether you are just starting your spiritual expedition or already on the journey, The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination is a step towards ultimate self realization and the understanding that we are all the all of everything.  Buy it HERE. 

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