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I just finished up a 10 day sugar detox. This one was hard core. No sugar in any form was allowed even natural sugars from fruit. I am a super healthy eater usually but when the holidays hit, all bets are off. I know you can relate. So, the point was to cleanse my body of toxins and reduce the cravings that lead to indulging in sugary treats like I did last month. It worked like a charm and I am back on track with the clean eating.

I also find that during the holidays my energy is zapped from too many parties, all that holiday shopping and spending, missing my family (who have crossed over and can’t be with us physically) and the daily deluge of sad stories on the internet.

So this year I have decided for the first time to do a 10 Day Thoughts Detox. This will be ten days of breaking down some of our daily thought patterns and replacing them with new affirmations and intentions.  Each night you will get an email in your inbox with your daily assignments which will be easy and quick and include exercises in mindfulness. In that 10 day period you will learn to watch your thoughts so that you are living more consciously. You will learn the cyclical patterns keeping you stuck in stress, anxiety and/or low self esteem.

Using the principles taught to me in my new book, The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination, we will work on things like self/body image, love and romance, relationships, diet and fitness and that all important one, money.

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Less Doing, More Being

Ever since my book was finished I have been working my tail bone off getting it published and promoting it. I have also found myself dealing with psoriasis flare ups like I have never had before. My body was in stress mode; which is exactly what autoimmune diseases thrive on. I was doing too much because I am a doer. I have always been a doer. In fact, most of us are doers. I was ignoring the advice given in my new book, The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination.  I was letting my outer world dominate me.


Deadlines, phones calls, emails, meetings, social media distractions. This what my life has been made up of for the last few months. Even as a spiritual teacher we can sometimes get caught up in our doing because we love what we do. We love sharing and spreading the message but in that we forget the whole point of our message. The good news is that Spirit is always paying attention to what we are doing and sending us little subtle and not so subtle hints. So it was no surprise that during my shower the other morning Spirit had a little message for me, “Less doing, more being.” I heard the words loud and clear and knew it was absolutely a message for me.  Just in case I decided to overlook that message, the Universe sent me a real doozy along with it – my toilet overflowed in my bathroom! Needless to say I was not happy about this little inconvenience until an inspired thought came through to me about the larger message for me – Unclog your thinking. That was the message in my mess. I was so hung up on what I needed to do, I forget I needed to be.


What does being mean? It means to slow down and to contemplate your connection to the Universe (Source, God or whatever you call it). It means knowing you are guided by an unseen force at all times. So we have no need to act as if we can’t be the things we say we desire to be. When we are doing from a place of thinking we are solely in charge – we go into fear mode. When we are doing from a place of knowing we are being guided and are souly in charge (see the difference there) – we do it from a place of love. Our doing becomes action steps. This takes away the stress of “will this work for me.” and replaces it with “this will work for me as long as I believe it will.”


Rather than ignore my messages, I took them to heart. I gave back the reins to my cocreators. I put the computer away, I turned off social media and I made time to just be. I sat in meditation, I read a great book and I spent the weekend giving full attention to my son. We played, we went to see a movie, we got in some quality snuggle time.  Once I stopped doing and started being my skin issues began to tame, my stress levels depleted and an unexpected work opportunity flowed my way.

For more on the notion of BEING be sure and check out my new book, The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination. It’s a step towards ultimate self realization and the understanding that we are all the all of everything.  Buy it HERE. 

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11 Sure Fire Ways To Raise Your Energetic Vibration

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, getting out of a funk can seem futile. No attempt is ever wrong but there might be a better way and this is to change your energetic vibration. We are all made up of energy. It’s not just those of us in the mindful community using trendy terms like awake, aware and vibration. You are energy. Therefore you are vibrating. Albert Einstein said “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Living a joyful, abundant life is easier when we are vibrating at a higher level. Laughter raises our vibration. So does smiling and expressing love. Anger, bitterness and resentment lowers our vibration. Certain foods deplete us while healthy foods energize us. The trick to life is living it consciously and keeping your vibration high so that you can manifest all the things you desire. Here are 11 easy ways to raise your vibration.

1. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself 

When it comes to how we speak about ourselves, we are own worst enemies. We often look in the mirror and say things like “I look fat today” or “I am having a bad hair day.” Words have power, so don’t let them have power over you. “I am perfect and beautiful,” or “I am strong and confident.” These are the types of phrases that raise you up.

2. Forgive Everyone

Whether it’s for your own mistakes or someone who has wronged you be it a boss, a friend, a family member, the guy who stole your parking space or messed up your latte – holding onto bitterness and anger is the most self depleting thing you can do. The only person that truly loses is you. It keeps you stuck in lower energy and unable to experience the joy that is your birthright.

3. Hug Everyone

Humans crave skin to skin contact. I’m a hugger. The minute I feel a strong connection with someone, I hug them. It makes you and the other person feel the vibe between you.

4. Love Everyone

If each and every person on this planet could only understand that there is no separation between us, we would see everyone as our equal. To hate another person is to harm yourself. We are all connected in spiritual philosophy and so therefore when you harm one, you harm all be it with words or weapons.

5. Meditation and Yoga

Studies have shown that meditation is not only beneficial to our mindset but also our bodies. It lowers stress levels and helps aide with anxiety and depression. Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting in dark room on a pillow shouting, “OM.” It can be writing in your journal, reading a self help book, taking a walk in nature. It’s anything that grounds you and reminds you of your connection with the Universe. Similar to meditation, yoga reduces stress and anxiety. Too afraid to join a class? There are a number of yoga and meditation apps and yoga videos on Youtube you can follow from the privacy of your own home.

6. LOL

Laughter truly is the best medicine. So laugh out loud. It raises us up to the highest level of joy. The longer you stay there, the more lasting the benefits. Take in a comedy show, watch a silly movie or Saturday Night Live. Anything to remind you not to take life so seriously.

7. Tune In 

Music has the same effect as laughter when it has lyrics meant to uplift and inspire. I love the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman for this. Put the song This is Me, From Now On or A Million Dreams on repeat, go for a walk and feel how it raises your vibe.

8. Ask For Help

Each and everyone of us are cocreators. We are a collective consciousness who together are forming the world we see around us alongside the Universe and Cosmos. Whether you call this God, Source, Universe or something else does not matter, only that you understand you are never apart from this energy. When you know and accept this then you know, at any time of struggle and strife, you can ask for help simply by reminding yourself of this connection. “I am I never alone. I am connected to the energy of love and right now I need guidance. Help me.”  I ask for help all day every day especially on the hardest days. I receive it in the form of inspired thoughts or signs and messages. You are always receiving these, if you could just start to recognize them.

9. Cut The Crap

You can’t stay in high vibration simply by thinking positive or stating affirmations daily. We have to fuel our bodies properly, period. This is a major point made in my new book, The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination. Processed foods, chemicals, alcohol, cigarattes etc… cause our bodies to not function properly which in turn makes it hard to have the optimal brain function needed for mindfulness.

10. Change Your Social Media Newsfeed, now. 

Negativity and the news drops our energetic vibration to extremely low levels. Facebook and Twitter are filled with gossip, sadness and tragedy because that’s what gets the most click throughs. Make a choice to remove news and gossip sites from your news feed. Like pages that inspire you. Remove acquaintances who frustrate you with their toxic posts. I have a facebook group for The All of Everything where you can come and ask me questions and/or share your own signs/messages and uplifting messages. Come join us HERE.

11. Lose The Fear

Every thought you think is either coming from a place of love or fear. Every time you think a thought which underserves your true nature (which is love) you activate the switch that keeps those lights on. Love is expressing joy, gratitude, kindness and celebrating your life. It is the only true thing in our world.

PS – For more on how to raise your vibration be sure and check out my first two books, The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination. and The All of the All. It’s a step towards ultimate self realization and the understanding that we are all the all of everything.  Buy it HERE. 

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Laura Saltman is a Self-Help Author, Inner Guidance Coach. Mind/Body/Spirit expert and TV Host. Her new age/new thought book series The All of Everything and The All of the All are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her next book The All That Is is due out in Winter 2019.


It’s Here! The All of Everything is Now Available


It’s here! Thank you all for your patience. This is my first journey into writing a book. It was challenging, fun and at times all encompassing. I am so grateful for everyone who helped me with this process. Now comes the time I have been dreading, which is to promote my book. For me, this is a hard one because I am not a sales person and I feel as if the internet has become the information superstore rather than superhighway. I also will admit how scary it is to put myself out there and share my truth of being a spiritual channel, after having been a TV reporter and producer working on national TV for so long.


Though I call myself a spiritual channel now (as that is how it all came about for me) the truth is we are all spiritual channels. Every single one of us is capable of having a conversation like the one I did with “God” (or Source, the Universe or whatever you deem to call that energy from which we call emanate) because there is only one of us here. When we truly know and believe this, we can connect back with that energetic source at any time in quiet contemplation. You actually connect with that source daily, even if you don’t know it. You are always being sent signs and messages. I just recognize them now; and that is how the book came to be. I followed my intuition and inspiration and lost the fear of being harshly judged for sharing openly something we all are capable of doing.


I am still a little selfish though. My selfish reason for wanting to share this book is because I want to live in a better world and the more people who are awake and aware, the more peaceful it can become. I want to walk into places and see people laughing and smiling not sad and sullen. I want to see kids running on a playground or creating art and music, not attached to a technology device all day. I want us to stop hating each other for our differences and understand there is no separation between us. We can love who we want. We can do what we want. We can be who we want.


The message of this book is clear, we are not here at random – we are here to grow and evolve our souls and to do that we always have helpers along the way. No matter what you call those helpers be it God, Universe, Source or something else my book will show you how we are all connected and creating together, as one.


It’s a message shared by other spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williams and taught by Jesus and Buddha thousands of years ago. The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination is my version taught to me and told through the eyes and ears of someone who was struggling with grief, depression and loss who overcame it and became a completely transformed person by using these spiritual tools. It’s written in a way that is easy to understand using humor, heart and a little bit of celebrity gossip. It’s my journey to enlightenment told in a way that can guide you towards your own.


It’s also just part one of the journey. My second book The All of The All is almost finished. It’s a continuation of the conversation with more fascinating insight into how to manifest the life of our dreams. Stay updated on when that book will be released by following my Facebook page and be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @laurasaltman. You can also join my newsletter HERE where I will be sharing wisdom from that book weekly.

Your soul knows the best path for you and you were guided here for a reason, so let’s get started. Whether you are just starting your spiritual expedition or already on the journey, The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination is a step towards ultimate self realization and the understanding that we are all the all of everything.  Buy it HERE. 

PS – I also have a facebook group for The All of Everything where you can come and ask me questions and/or share your own signs/messages and uplifting messages. Come join us HERE.



My Mindful Morning Routine

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not the same person I was since starting this spiritual journey over 2 and 1/2 years ago. I am completely transformed and was delighted when one of my best friends told me recently I was the happiest person she knew. Now I must tell you that back in high school I actually won the award for “Biggest Complainer.” It wasn’t so much an award for not liking the cafeteria food or the way the gym teacher picked on the scrawny kids (aka, me) it was more about the school allowing kids to smoke on school grounds or the unfairness of being forced to dissect a dead frog. I was all about social justice and fighting inequality back then… with a little bit of diva attitude mixed in, like the fact that I had swimming class first period and had to spend the rest of the day looking like a drowned rat for a whole semester once.

Those days I would wake up and whine about having to go to school and in later years, work. These days I wake up grateful for each new day. The only way to live a life of passion, fire and purpose is to live it consciously and be mindful of how you approach each day. So here is a sneak peek into my mindfulness practices.


  1. I set my alarm ten minutes earlier than I actually need to wake up and hit the snooze button. This gives me the time to address the day. I start each day by saying, “I give my thoughts today to the Universe (God, Source) to guide me back to love in every circumstance. I shall think no thoughts of my own and release all fear based thoughts instantaneously so they may be healed,” or some version of this.
  2. I spend five or six minutes in quiet meditation (admittedly every once in awhile I do fall back asleep doing this, thus why I hit the snooze button and not turn the alarm off when I wake up.)
  3. I drink an eight ounce glass of water and take my vitamins. Drinking water first thing in the morning can help flush out toxins from the night before. Vitamins are necessary so our bodies are functionally properly which in turn helps our minds function properly.
  4. I brush my teeth and as I look in the mirror no matter what is staring back at me (messy hair don’t care) I state, “I am wholly perfect and beautiful today,” an idea and phrase which was given to me in my book The All of Everything. 
  5. I make a cup of hot green tea. I skip the coffee always.
  6. I hit the gym right after I drop my son off at school. I realize if you have to get to work this is not possible; but working out in the morning if you can is a great endorphin booster. It’s also a great sense of accomplishment to get it done and over with early.
  7. I make a green smoothie – spinach, pineapple, mango, apple juice, ginger and coconut water is one of my favorites.
  8. I eat a healthy breakfast. Avocado toast is a go to.
  9. I remind myself to just Be and to follow my inspired thoughts and do things that bring me joy.

If I had one tip to share it would be to slow down and remind yourself you are not here at random. So pay attention to your life.


The Power of Your Work Ethic

It’s 1pm and I am sitting here waiting for a power washer to come look at my house. He was supposed to show up at 10am. He has yet to call me and I am fairly confident he is not coming. I Yelped him and he had not one bad review. Yet, I wait…patiently. I have learned to not fight against those type of problems. Mostly because I know that if someone or something is not in my best interest, fighting against it will only bring me hardship. The guy may show up eventually, but he might do a terrible job or overcharge me. So the truth is if he doesn’t show up that’s ok. I will find someone else who will. I put my trust in my cocreators (aka the universal energy source) to know what’s best for me. His lack of commitment to his job is just a continuation of where I had placed my awareness recently -upon the lack of enthusiasm employees are showing for their work these days.


It all started when I took a trip with my niece and my son to a local McDonald’s restaurant over the weekend. The restaurant had only two stars and we quickly learned why. The employees bungled everyone’s orders. Their soda machine was partially broken and yet they still passed out cups to people to use it. The employees and even the manager was obviously less than enthusiastic about their jobs. The same thing happened when I went to buy my son shoes at Sears yesterday. The woman who was ringing up customers barely even looked anyone in the eye. I did my best to try and breakthrough to her by asking how her day was and she never even acknowledged my existence nor looked me in the eyes. Her attitude of annoyance with her current circumstances was obvious.


Here is the thing – You are not a victim of your circumstances. You are the creator of them. So if you are serving in a job where you are unhappy, seeing it as miserable place to be will only keep you stuck there or perhaps get you fired or laid off at some point.


If you want to move out a place of victimhood then you need to start seeing your place of business as a temporary but necessary stepping stone along your path. You may not be the CEO of a high-tech company now or the owner of your dream business but if you are pissed off that you had to start at the bottom rung of a fast food joint flipping fries, well then you will never get to a place of being a CEO.


In order to succeed at anything, you need to commit to it as fully as possible.There is a great quote in my new book, “The All of Everything, a Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination” which reminds us to stop using words of enslavement when we speak about work.


“Whomever is speaking of commitment to anything should always relay thoughts, words and feelings which are of higher vibration. ‘I enjoy what I do.’ ‘I get to work.’ ‘I bravely choose to honor my commitment to a company which serves a purpose different from my own.’ – The All of Everything


Where you are now doesn’t have to be a forever thing. “It’s not forever. It’s for now.” Remember this as you go about your work day. Bless the place where you are currently and know it is only temporary. Honor your commitment to be the best at what you are doing whether it’s flipping burgers, working at a warehouse or running your own Fortune 500 company. The more you love what you do and bless it for showing you the way out of misfortune, the more you will move towards a future filled with endless possibilities.


When you don’t show up, don’t care enough and don’t do your best you are simply stating a case to the universe that you are lazy, angry and incapable of living life to the fullest; whereby you will find yourself always caught up in the grind and struggle of life.


As an intern did I love getting people coffee or logging hours and hours of tapes for producers at my television jobs? No. However, I honored my commitment to expanding my horizons and knowledge. I went into every job with enthusiasm and always did my best, even if I didn’t agree with the subject matter. As I became more successful, I think I lost some of that enthusiasm because I got so quickly to my dream job. I know now thanks to my spiritual practice, that my complaining on days when I didn’t like an assignment (or a particular interview question I needed to ask) only kept me stuck doing those things over and over again.


So smile at customers. Take their phone calls promptly. Show up. Return emails as diligently as you can. Honor your commitment to serve a purpose other than you own, for now. Say thank for showing me the way out of misery and into my joyful expression of what I want to do with my life next. I know my perfect work scenario is coming to me soon; and so I treat every job the way I would want my employees to treat my place of business.


And if anyone knows a great power washer, call me.


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